Best USB Type C cables in 2022 Apphone Usb cable Supplier

Best USB Type C cables

USB C is a specific shape of USB connector and was designed to take that universality a step further by being the one connector for almost anything including data,power/charging,video and audio. Best USB Type C cables in 2022 Apphone Usb cable Supplier

Whether you’re using it for data transfer or charging a phone,tablet or laptop,a USB-C cable is a pretty crucial accessory,a USB Type-C connector features an asymmetrical/reversible design and can plug into any USB-C device on either end.The connector comes with a small flat hole in the middle housing 24 pins.Incredibly versatile,USB Type-C is the most common connector on the latest laptops and smartphones.

USB-C cables can handle power.At a bare minimum,they must carry at least 20V at 3A,for a total of 60W of input power.The best USB-C hubs are becoming increasingly popular,for one main reason.The latest ultrathin laptops have a lot going for them,but don’t feature a lot of ports.A USB-C cable features a physical connector,smaller than previous USB iterations.The connector is reversible and symmetrical,so there’s nothing like“right side up,”much like Apple’s Lightning connector.

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USB-C is designed for everyone.It’s an easy-to-use connector that just slots in,and it can be found on mice,keyboards and numerous other peripherals that require a removable connector.Those who need high-speed data transfer find it ideal for use with external hard drives and other external data storage devices—especially those with video footage or large datasets. Apphone USB Type C Cable Adds the strong military fiber, the most flexible, powerful and durable material, makes tensile force increased by 200%, Special Strain Relief Support design, can bear 10000+ bending test, protector the most vulnerable joint of the usb type c cable, Premium Aluminum housing adds the durability of the cable.

Best cell phones with USB type C,The connector has more pins than past USB shapes(like A and micro B)so it can charge devices and transfer your data incredibly quickly.The main purpose that USB C was created for was to do away with all the various cables and adapters to make a more universal solution for both charging and data transfer.

USB C cables can have variations in speed,power,and protocol capabilities.Additionally there are different length requirements to watch out for.Apphone usb cable factory direct sales,15 years of experience,a variety of types of support customization,factory price,quality,delivery and service to make many customers satisfied,and strive to provide more users with more high quality high quality usb data line.By implementing this,we ensure our products will be able to operate efficiently for many years to come.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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