Wholesale Dual Port PD 18W USB C Car Charger- 2022 Apphone

Dual Port PD 18W USB C Car Charger

You In Need of Help With car Charger.Look No Further,The latest charging technology,experience the benefits of a PD Ultra-Fast charge with your new PowerPeak Dual Port PD car charger. Wholesale Dual Port PD 18W USB C Car Charger-2022 Apphone

From your phone and tablet to wireless headphones and laptop, all gadgets have their own rechargeable batteries. Many people own far too many devices to be carrying around a separate cable and charger for each one. All the space that your gadgets already take up, you don’t need even more space taken up by power bricks and cables. Thankfully, you don’t need a separate wall charger our outlet or cable for each device. That’s because the vast majority of modern devices — including newer laptops — can be charged with a one-size-fits-all USB-C charging technology: USB-C power delivery or USB-C PD. Some Apphone Dual Port PD 18W USB C Car Charger,Powerful compact convenient and will power your smartphone tablet and more up to 70%capacity in 30 minutes through the single 18W output.The built-in circuitry protects your device from over charging and overheating and is completely safe for less powerful devices.

With 18W of power this car charger allows you to rapidly charge two devices simultaneously.Smart Safety;with advanced Smart-iQ technology,your device is fully protected from overcurrent,surge and overheating conditions.

The usb c car charger is small enough,no extra space occupied.The soft LED indicator can let you to find easily and charge at dark.With non-slip rubber pad design,it is easier to plug into or get it out of car’s port.

The iPhone car charger can fast charge all prevailing phones at the same time.works for all USB-powered devices:mobile devices with USB charging cables(compatible with all Android and iOS phones,tablets,etc.)and vehicles with DC 12-24V(Cars,SUVs,Vans,and Trucks,etc.).


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