Lightning Cables & Chargers Buying guide Apple Mif certified Cable

Apple mif certified Cable

If you use an iPhone, you need a Lightning cable. Any Apple electronic charging component that you use should have an MFi certification.With as much as we use our phones and other electronic devices these days,charging is a top activity for many–if you are like most,you plug your phone in to charge several times a day. Lightning Cables& Chargers Buying guide Apple mif certified Cable

lightning is based on USB 2.0,not the faster 3.0 or Thunderbolt cables.However,it wouldn’t require much extra engineering to get USB 3.0 down there,and Apple also has promised Lightning-to-HDMI and Lightning-to-VGA cables for the future. Apple’s cables are ubiquitous — even though they no longer ship new iPhones with a charging brick or wired headphones, the company still includes a Lightning cable in the box. But they aren’t exactly known for durability.

While you won’t be able to plug it directly into anything that requires a 30-pin connector,there are adapters available that convert a 30-pin connector to a Lightning connector.The adapter supplies the user with support for analog audio output,USB audio,as well as syncing and charging.

Buying guide,Poor quality Apple data cable bending performance is poor,sometimes the charging cable skin is not broken,the inside of the conductive wire has been broken.While the quality of data line,the workmanship is complex,there will be metal bayonet and glue at the interface,the wire is also added to the internal braided mesh and tensile wire,these processes increase the durability of the product,but also increase the manufacturing cost!

The charging speed of the phone depends on the actual power output of the charging cable.The original charging cable has a power output of 20 W,but the cheap charging cable has a real power output of only 10 to 15 W!What’s more,some output power is also high when low,resulting in battery damage,motherboard short circuit,or burning screen phenomenon!

High-quality Lightning cables.There also are third-party alternatives.They are not made by Apple.But they work and are just as(if not more)durable.I can vouch for both of the below ones,one from Anker,Amazon Basics,and Mophie.

Apple mif certified Cable

Apple testing future iPhone models that replace the current Lightning charging port with the more prevalent USB-C connector,according to people with knowledge of the situation,a move that could help the company conform with looming European regulations.

In addition to testing models with a USB-C port in recent months,Apple is working on an adapter that would let future iPhones work with accessories designed for the current Lightning connector,said the people,who asked not to be identified because the matter is private.

Using an uncertified or counterfeit accessory to charge your Apple device can damage your phone and negatively impact its operation. These counterfeit or uncertified accessories may appear to work at first but quickly lead to damage to your device. Nowadays,many third-party usb cable manufacturers also pay more and more attention to the needs and expectations of customers,and make the products more and more refined,aesthetic and quality.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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