Long Apple Lightning charger- Apphone lightning cable supplier 2022

Long Apple Lightning charger cable

Apple has also replaced Lightning to USB-A cables with Lightning to USB-C cables.The Lightning connector is a small connection cable used with Apple’s mobile devices(and even some accessories)that charges and connects the devices to computers and charging bricks.Long Apple Lightning charger-Apphone lightning cable supplier 2022

Lightning is an established ecosystem that millions of customers already have cables for,with fast data transfer and charging speeds.Like USB-C,it offers waterproofing capabilities,and it gets Apple both its licensing fees and ecosystem control.If you want USB PD fast charging for your Apple devices,you either buy the  USB-C to Lightning Cable from Apple,or choose Apple MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cables.

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The Lightning cable Charge Fast:MFi certification and strict quality testing ensure your Apple devices are charged safely,at their fastest possible speed.The Lightning connector does more than just transmit power.It can also send and receive digital information,so you can use it to upload photos and videos to your laptop or download music and movies.The iPhone,iPad,and iPod Touch interact with iTunes to synchronize files between your iOS device and your computer.

Apple has had a separate revenue stream all thanks to its Lightning port for a really long time, hence the reluctance to switch to USB-C for some of its most popular devices, like the iPhones and AirPods. all USB-C cables should be the same:that’s the whole point of having a standard.In practice,there are different versions of the standard.More worryingly,many cables being sold as USB-C don’t fully conform to that standard–and that can be seriously bad news…Because the adapter is so thin and versatile,the Lightning connector has become a great way to charge many of the great accessories we use with the iPhone,iPad and Mac.

While there is a 30-pin adapter available for the Lightning Connector for backwards compatibility with older accessories,there is not a Lightning adapter for the 30-pin connector.Most of today’s fast charging technologies can charge a mobile phone to 50%of the power in half an hour.If you have a requirement for charging speed,you can start with a fast charging data cable,which is convenient for your daily use.You don’t have to worry about quality problems.Any technology or use Questions,welcome to consult us.Some of the best lightning cables for Apple products include Apphone Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB cable for iPhones and iPads.


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