Professional USB to Type C Data Cable- Usb c Charging Cable

USB to Type C Data Cable

Wholesale Apphone USB Type C to USB Charging Cable.USB C has no up or down orientation.USB-C is a much better technological improvement on past connectors.USB-C,sometimes known as Type-C,is the latest device charging and data transfer standard. Professional USB to Type C Data Cable– Usb c Charging Cable

The USB Type-C(USB-C)device to the USB Type-A port on your tablet,computer,or USB charger.The cable supports data transfer speeds and power output up to 3A for fast charging of mobile devices.Unlike traditional USB cables that can be attached only one way,the reversible USB Type-C male connector plugs into a USB port in either direction for fast,fumble-free connection every time.Superior foil shielding provides reliable,error-free data communication.

The drive behind the development of USB-C is to create a single cable for powering and charging all devices.Nearly all manufacturers have got on board and are now using USB-C as standard.A single USB-C cable is compatible with many devices,including smartphones,tablets,laptops,and game consoles.In essence,USB-C offers almost universal compatibility across all electronic devices.Our USB Type-C cable assemblies feature simple”plug&play”connections to hand held devices and other devices that utilize USB Type C ports.

Type c Cable Usb 3.0

If you’re a seasoned Android user,you may already be familiar with the connection,with brands like Samsung,Huawei,and Nokia being no stranger to the Type-C standard.Even Apple,a company that’s famously dragged its heels when it comes to standardizing its tech,may have to renounce its Lightning port if the recent EU proposal is approved.

USB Type-C is still quite new,and is yet to be incorporated into most of the devices we use from day to day.Currently,you can only find USB Type-C in Apple MacBook computers,some Chromebooks and other new models of laptop,and some flash drives.It’s also used on the Nintendo Switch games console.Power Delivery or PD is a charging protocol that allows for higher amounts of power to be delivered to a device via USB-C for faster and safer charging of modern devices.It can deliver variable voltage up to 20V and a 100W max.

USB Type-C Compatibility.Apphone is Top USB cables manufacturer and supplier,with advanced factory to produce the best USB cables.There are relatively few data lines on the market that can enhance charging while ensuring data transmission.The data lines in Apphone’s factory have been protected by multiple designs to easily achieve fast charging and data transmission.Buy daily data cables here.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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