The original is too expensive, how to buy a reliable Apple data cable?

MFI apple data cable

One of the troubles of iPhone users is that the original data cable is too fragile. It is understood that the original data cable is not used much, because the price is too high. Now that Apple no longer gives away accessories, many people mainly use the third-party data cable purchased by themselves. If it’s broken, it’s even more troublesome. The original is too expensive, how to buy a reliable Apple data cable?

Disadvantages of using unofficial Apple data cables: There may be many friends who just buy a few data cables on the Internet or at outside stalls. In fact, doing so may lead to serious consequences: in addition to possibly affecting the device and battery, we Seeing the news of the explosion of the mobile phone, even the reason for the poor quality of the data cable is inseparable. Because the cost of fake or unqualified data lines is very low, the current and voltage are unstable, and it is easy to burn out the equipment.

MFI Apple data cable, good quality and good price

At present, there are two kinds of MFi data cables on the market, one is the original Apple data cable, and the second is the MFi data cable from the third-party certified manufacturer. The three-party certified MFi data cable is more cost-effective than the original Apple data cable. In fact, it is very simple, as long as it is marked with the MFI Apple officially certified data cable. Speaking of which, we need a simple understanding of MFI certification. In fact, the correct spelling of MFI is MFi, where i refers to iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.
mfi certified charger for apple
MFi Certification (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) is a licensed program for developers of hardware and software peripherals for Apple’s iPod, iPad and iPhone. The name was originally an abbreviated version of Made for iPod. The certification covers a variety of device connectors, including headphone jacks, the original dock connector and the new Lightning connector, as well as AirPlay support. Companies that participate in the MFi program and pass the certification test can display certain MFi-related marks, such as the “Made for iPod” badge, on their product packaging.

A very good product. The product quality wire is solid and reliable, the transmission speed is fast, and the workmanship is guaranteed to support you. Fever degree: I have used it for several days, and there is no fever. Added Protection: An additional layer of protection has been added to the Lightning and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying. Secure Fit: Sturdy unibody connectors resist damage while ensuring a secure fit with every insertion. Other features: The hand feels very strong, and it doesn’t feel like the original wire is broken. Apphone is famous for its excellent technology, complete varieties, innovative styles and high-quality services. As the basis of enterprise management, quality has always been strictly controlled, ensuring that all links from design, cutting and processing to finished product packaging are realized. Superior quality.

There are only a few manufacturers that have obtained real MFi certification, so you should try to choose some regular and moderately priced brand products when purchasing. This is also beneficial to your own Apple devices. After all, some charging cables are really too cheap and the quality is really poor. If you use them a few times, it will break down, and it will also affect the life of the device’s battery, which is not worth the loss.


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