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Most modern laptops are capable of both data transfer and charging via USB-C.Complicating things a bit,some other laptops support USB-C laptop charging but also offer another charging method.The need for a separate power port on a laptop is gone,enabling manufacturers to make even smaller devices. What about USB-C on laptops? Usb cable Supplier

The USB-C connector was designed to make connecting devices,like your phone to your computer or a game controller to your console,easy.For the most part,it’s been a success.Apple’s MacBook led the way in the laptop space in 2015 with a single USB-C port for all purposes,but most new PC models also now also have USB-C,meaning that you can use the cable from your laptop to charge your phone,for example.This is especially the case for thin and light laptops and tablets,although Apple has thankfully started to include more ports on its recent laptops.

There is a broad range of USB-C devices that more or less work well together,and if you’ve ever tried to plug in a USB-A cable upside down,you probably appreciate that USB-C doesn’t have the same issue.However,USB-C can become a deep,murky pit of jargon.This guide will help you cut through the confusion and focus on USB-C’s key features.

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Some manufacturers have been more resistant;while Microsoft Surface devices have USB-C for data,they also have their own non-standard chargers-and the reintroduction of MagSafe on some MacBooks again means there’s a mixture of connectors appearing.

USB-C is often used as shorthand when talking about USB on new devices,but USB-C is not the same as USB.USB-C is a standardized physical connector that exists separate from the USB data transfer standard.USB-C also has display support so you can connect up a monitor and other devices to a single USB-C port.

The USB-C connector has been designed so that it can be scaled with future developments in speed,meaning the shape itself shouldn’t need to change again for a long time. Charging can be performed while transferring data at the same time,something previous standards could not always manage and that allows greater versatility in how accessories can be designed.The data lines of Apphone manufacturers are of good quality,and each product ensures the quality and provides follow-up technical services for you.


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