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As smart devices become more and more widely used, earphones, bracelets, and other devices are becoming more and more integrated into life. Charging smart devices has become one of our concerns. Small current charging, low-voltage charging, high-voltage charging, etc. have become One of the professional terms we often hear, in terms of daily mobile phone charging cable selection, it is obvious that the standard high-speed charging interface Type-C is used, but the charging speed is still slow. If you want a good charging experience, you need to choose a suitable one. . Usb type c to usb type c cable| Apphone Original stock

The Type-C interface is more convenient and fast, and with the development of technology, the powerful Type-C interface can better meet everyone’s needs. With the advantages of high charging power and fast transmission power, it has received a lot of praise in the market. Due to the relatively high frequency of use of electronic devices, now everyone chooses mobile electronic devices to give priority to devices with large battery capacity and fast charging speed.

How to choose the Type-C charging data cable? There are actually many versions of Apphone’s data cables, which are suitable for USB to Type-C, Type-C to Type-C, and Type-C to IP models of Android and iPhone. 100W models. There is a recommended Type-C to Type-C data cable. The cable body of the cable is covered with thousand-filament nylon braid. Compared with common TPE and PVC materials, it has enhanced tensile strength, wear resistance, and dirt resistance. service life. Type-c data cable interface: type-c interface – very convenient to use, circular interface is available on both sides. Many mobile phones on the market now use TypeC interface data cables, but a small number of them use MicroUSB or some “old mobile phones” are still in use. Devices equipped with a Type-C interface can be charged by connecting to a mobile power supply through a Type-C cable. Users do not need to carry a charging cable with them, as long as they have a wall charger and a Type-C cable.This Type C to Type C cable has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards, you have no need to worry about this cable quality at all. Upgraded 3D aluminum connector and exclusive laser welding technology, which can ensure the metal part won’t break.
type c to c cable
In the process of charging the mobile phone with the original data cable, it is often affected by the charging cable because of the operation and grip position, and the operation feeling is greatly reduced, and even the operation level cannot be exerted. However, the data cable specially designed by Epfont just solves the user’s pain point. It adopts the design of double elbow, which can fit the charging port of the mobile phone, and does not occupy too much space during use.

Type-C data cables are universal. Normally, as long as the device using this interface can theoretically be used, it should be noted that not all Type-C data cables can be used on any device, because some mobile phones support different fast charging protocols. The data line is different, it is best to select the corresponding type of data line according to the mobile phone support protocol. Apphone continuously cultivates and absorbs various types of professional and technical personnel. With its strong financial strength and top technical advantages, many data line products can be played while charging, without blocking the hand, making it easy for entertainment and play.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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