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USB-PD, or USB-C Power Delivery, is a new protocol specification that allows for faster and more flexible charging. Apphone 20W USB-C PD Charger is an alternative to the Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter.  Lightning Cable 20W PD USB C Charger- Apphone Lightning cable Supplier

From Quick Charge technology to the Qi standard for wireless charging, fast chargers can put out anywhere from 10 to 65 watts (although, technically speaking, anything over 2.5 watts is considered fast charging), powering up phones and laptops in half an hour or one hour’s time. The basic gist of how it works is that two USB-PD enabled devices negotiate a power contract, or a handshake, when they’re plugged into each other. They discuss how much power the source can support, as well as how much power the device being charged can handle. The standard for USB-C devices without PD is 5V/3A, but the voltage is configurable depending on the device and can go as high as 20V/5A (with an EMCA cable).

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Apphone Fast Wall Charger, 20W PD USB Type C power delivery wall plug, PD adapter 3.0 Quickly Charge USB C port provides Max 20W output power, charge your device up to 3x faster than the original 5 W charger, charging your iPhone up to 50% in just 30 minutes for iPhone Charging, At 3A Maximum, Helps You Work Efficiently. With the Apple MFi Chip, the USB-C to lightning cord equips automatic chip recognition function, full support with iOS versions.20W USB-C Charger Offers Multiple Safeguards Automatically. Multi-Charging Protection Keeps Your Device Safe From Over-Current Over-Voltage Over- Heating & Short-Circuiting.

You just need something (in this case, your phone) to fiddle with but ding ding goes the ‘low battery’ notification that pops on your screen and it just makes you want to roll your fist into a punch or stamp your feet on the ground and mutter ‘what the heck’ between clenched teeth underneath your breath.

Well, it happens. Maybe not to you but I’ve had a series of encounters like that and I can tell you it’s not an encounter you would wish for. It just sparks frustration from within. I got tired of such experiences that I took time out one day to comb the internet for a solution and voila! I got one – PD wall chargers.

Fast charging is absolutely safe! Your device is designed to accept the maximum amount of power that its charging circuit can handle. If your phone or tablet does not support fast charging, a fast charger will send standard current and can be used as a standard charger. This enables you to use a fast charger as a regular charger on a device whose circuit does not support higher voltage usage. Fast charging features will not reduce the battery life of your device; the battery is absolutely safe.

Explore all of Case-Mate’s fast-charging accessories, stylish phone cases and more for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel today! All our fast-charging accessories are certified USB Power Delivery, meaning it offers a safe and effective charge for your device.


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