How to find the right USB-C charger and cable Apphone Usb cable Supplier

USB Type-C cable

A USB-C cable is a preferred mode for charging and transferring data.Its connector has a unique shape.This Apphone USB Type-C cable is a good budget option for your charging and data transfer needs. How to find the right USB-C charger and cable Apphone Usb cable Supplier

High-quality manufacturing of type c data cable.Data Cable is mainly engaged in the business of usb c cable and other product series.Apphone Data Cable has the ability to meet different needs.Type c cable is available in multiple types and specifications.

The key difference here is that the Thunderbolt will give you the fastest connection speed-ideal for transferring lots of data like 8K video-while the regular USB-C connection might only be good for charging.Extra long 10ft(3M)cord keeps your devices charge&data sync anywhere and anytime,convenient for moving around at home,office and your car.

USB Type-C connectors offer a variety of soldering and mounting(top,vertical,upright,mid,bottom,straddle and stacked)options and a compact solution for design flexibility.This allows engineers to have robust solutions,especially for space-constrained applications.

usb type c cable manufacturer

While any USB-C connector will fit into and USB-C socket,there’s more going on here.That’s because the(physical)USB-C connector can support a full range of different connection standards.For example,on a Kindle you don’t need fast data transfer that you might want on a laptop,so there are lots of different things that happen in the background that are worth being aware of.An additional spring has been added to the cord and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying.The iPhone still uses Apple’s own proprietary Lightning standard.Apple has changed things up more recently with the iPad Pro and iPad Air now supporting USB-C(to enable faster data connections and compatibility with a wider range of accessories)and it’s really only a matter of time before Apple moves the iPhone to USB-C too.

USB Type-C Connectors. Apphone has 15 years of factory production experience,specializing in the production and development of various electronic data cables.The price is very affordable and supports customization.The type c data cable is in sufficient stock,and the after-sales service has won unanimous approval from customers.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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