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Best Type C Cable

It is really troublesome to prepare data cables with different interfaces for different devices,and some devices have to use dedicated chargers.Considering that more and more devices use Type-C interface and support PD fast charging,how to choose usb c data cable? Usb C Data Transfer Cable-Apphone Best 10 Type C Cable

Need a good USB-C fast-charging cable that will power both your smartphone and your portable computer at the same time?The USB-C cable with E-mark is the perfect solution for you.These cables have been created with a load of more than 3 A in mind.Depending on the version of the chip,we can find three versions of the cables.Those that can achieve data transfer speeds of 10 Gbps(USB 3.2 Gen 2),5 Gbps(USB 3.2 Gen 1),as well as those that only support 480 Mbps(USB 2.0).

Type C Cable

Manufactured in accordance with USB Type-C specifications version 1.1.Solid 23AWG wire core is housed within premium aluminum housing for safe and reliable charging up to 3A.Standard 56kO pull-up resistor contained.If you’re looking for a smart USB-C cable or if you care about fast and trouble-free charging of your electronic devices,be sure to check out Apphone’s brand offer.

There are several things to consider when selecting a USB cable for your Android Auto.Purchasing a cheap,generic cord can cause problems,such as app crashes and random disconnections.When buying a cable for your Android device,check that it’s USB-C.It’s compatible with most other devices,and has usb 3.1 gen 2 technology.

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