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USB-C can also support lots of different types of data-including video-and power over a single connector,so it’s a really convenient connector design and easy to see why it’s taking over all devices.USB Type-C is the newest generation of USB connector family.The Best USB Type C Cables for Your Phone,Tablet,or Laptop.  OEM USB Type C Nylon Braided Cord for Samsung in 2022-Apphone

A USB-C cable features a physical connector,smaller than previous USB iterations.The connector is reversible and symmetrical,so there’s nothing like“right side up,”much like Apple’s Lightning connector.the quality of the cables is indeed good for the money they offer.Here the cables are nylon braided which in turn looks and feels solid,durable and of course tangle free.

Some proprietary charging technologies such as Qualcomm Quick Charge and Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging are built on top of the USB-C/3.1 standards to provide even faster recharging,but the advantage that USB-C offers is that the connector is the same-so you can essentially plug any charger into any device.If it can’t use the full power of that charging,it will just use a charging rate that it supported.

USB Type-C Cable-Usb cable factory Apphone

Upgraded USB-C Right Angle Design,Apphone right angle type c charging cable fast charge with an innovative 90 degrees”L”design.It’s user-friendly design more convenient and comfortable for playing games,watching videos,reading e-books when you charging.USB to USB C Cable has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards,it built-in laser welding technology,which ensure the metal part won’t break.The longer SR anti-break design enhances the durability of the cable.With 40,000+times bend test,the flexible and durable double-braided nylon type C cable longer service life and will never rupture.

USB-C chargers together with the Power Delivery standard provide a faster,more affordable,and reliable way to charge your devices and transfer data.At Apphone,we’re championing the use of USB-C accessories to enjoy the real magic of fast charging.The Apphone USB Type-C cable is a value for money choice for charging,and transferring files between Type-C supported devices.The USB 2.0-certified cable supports data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps and charging speeds of 3A at 5V.

USB-C also has display support so you can connect up a monitor and other devices to a single USB-C port.Charging can be performed while transferring data at the same time,something previous standards could not always manage and that allows greater versatility in how accessories can be designed.There are different versions of both USB-A and USB-C,which support different data transfer rates.Typically,USB-C will be faster both for data transfer and power charging.


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