Nylon Braided iphone lightning cable- Mfi authorized factory Apphone

Nylon Braided iphone lightning cable

USB-C and Lightning are not the same. They are among the most popular charging cables on the market, especially when it comes to mobile devices. USB-C and Lightning (not to be confused with Thunderbolt) are protocols used for connection, communication, and power supply. Nylon Braided iphone lightning cable– Mfi authorized factory

USB-C the Better Connector. USB-C has taken forever to get where Lightning was at its start. Before the Lightning cable’s debut in 2012, I’d never experienced such a feeling. Apple’s 30-pin connector was proprietary and a little finicky. In comparison, mini and micro USB were more widespread and flexible, if not universal.

Say what you will about Apple’s penchant for forcing people over to new cables—the move to Lightning cables as the standard did wonders for convenience. You didn’t have to think about the orientation of the cable when you plug it in, and there was even a tactile click when fully seated. when news broke earlier this month that the European Union voted to mandate USB-C as the default connector for phones (as well as other electronics, including tablets and laptops), provoking some U.S.

About this iphone lightning cable item
Nylon Braided iphone lightning cables
Phone cable with anti-resistant aluminum alloy connectors, high toughness PVC, tinned copper core cables to guarantee 100% compatibility to transmit data stably. Anti-overheating, support 2.4A current(Max) and the latest IOS system. Reinforced stress points with a 10000+ bend lifespan make iPhone cord many times more durable than anything else on the market.

Connect your compatible iOS device to a USB-C PD charger to activate fast charging – power your iPhone X up to 50% within 30 minutes. Enjoy worry-free charging with Apple’s MFi certification for guaranteed compatibility with any Lightning connector device.

USB-C is capable of supporting USB4, the latest and fastest USB specification. As a result, USB-C cables can transfer speeds up to 40Gbps. By comparison, Lightning cables are much slower and transfer data at USB 2.0 rates of 480Mbps. Lightning’s compatibility is limited as it’s exclusive to Apple products. Except for 3rd generation iPad Pros and later, all iPhones and iPads released since 2012 use a Lightning connection.

Apple includes a USB-C to Lightning Cable with most products. Come with premium quality to ensure Quntis cables keep long-lasting fast charging performance. The best thing you can do to increase the longevity of either cable is to purchase one from a trusted manufacturer and take good care of both the cable and your device’s condition.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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