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Wholesale mobile phone accessories lightning USB cable fast charging cable. Buy Best Price Wholesale Long charging cables.  Lightning to USB Cable Braided– Apphone Iphone Cable manufacturers & wholesalers

Fast charging was a feature first introduced with the iPhone 8 which made its debut alongside the iPhone X in 2017. Despite this, neither device shipped out with a charger that was a high-enough wattage to take advantage of it. The iPhone X and 8 come with a 5W USB charger and a standard Lightning to USB-A cable, which do a perfectly adequate job of charging your smartphone. But they won’t do it particularly quickly. Apphone MFi Certified iPhone charging cables in lengths 6 FT,you can lie on the couch or sofa and use your devices while you are charging at the same time. And you can use freely in your bedroom, office and even in the backseat of your car.
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USB-C is compatible with different USB standards. When combined with USB-PD’s adaptable power output, the connector is able to charge a wide range of devices. To produce a Lightning data cable, there are 32 processes, and it takes 45 workers on the assembly line to make it. First is the winding of the wire, the purpose is to facilitate the post-sequence pull-down operation. Set the length of the peeling outer quilt (skin), and then adjust the machine for USB A-end peeling. Then divided into shielding network copper wire, the USB end of the green and white wire wrapped around the copper wire separated and twisted into two strands of copper wire, copper wire is divided into good not to have scattered phenomenon, this step is convenient for the back of the core peeling, aluminum foil peeling, shielding wire welding.

Apple only uses USB-C on its iPads and MacBooks. So this means if you own an iPad and an iPhone, you need different connectors. When Apple switches to USB-C, those with multiple Apple devices will have an easier time charging them. iPhone Charger Designed and built with premium materials, it has been tested to withstand at least 15000 cycles of 95 degree bend and 10000 plugging and unplugging lifespan which is 12 times stronger than original device cables. Seamless laser-welded connector can even withstand 15kg exterior force without breaking off.

As you can imagine, one end of the cable is a male USB Type-C connector and the other end is a Lightning connector. Apple also released a new cable, called the Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable. This includes, and is not limited to, the Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter that ships with every new MacBook, or can be purchased separately. With the high current carrying capacity of Type-C and Lightning, you will be able to charge your iOS device faster.


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