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The best cell phone chargers have now become quick and convenient. As these phones get more powerful, bigger and more powerful batteries are required, which usually demands frequent recharging, MFi Certified Factory Lightning Cable Wholesale OEM, MFi Certified products come in all shapes and sizes. Lightning Cable 2.4A Fast Charging Cable- Apphone MFi Certified Cables For iPhone

Many companies manufacture Apple accessories, including Lightning cables, video game controllers, and more. However, some of these accessories aren’t MFi certified. Apphone iPhone lightning cable has an original lightning chip inside, which ensure 2.4A fast charging and 480Mbps data transferring speed. Charging your devices without error messages and never getting heated up. These iPhone charging cables are made of high quality heat-resistant aluminum alloy, the terminals are durable reinforced, which designed to withstand your day to day wear and tear but also keep strong.

Wholesale iPhone Cable, Apple is notoriously protective of their self-contained ecosystem—from places like their App Store, to the way they build computers with scarce ability to modify them after the fact. what you should pay attention to is that there are lots of cheap lightning cables that aren’t MFi certified by Apple and many of them are dangerous and ineffective. If you use the cheap or fake lightning cable to charge your iPhone for a long time, it can cause the battery life of the mobile phone to become shorter and the phenomenon of false fullness can occur. The worst thing is that a fake lightning cable can cause a short circuit that can burn out or even cause your phone battery to explode and endangering your life.

USB-C cables are far more common because not only would you use them on your iPhone, but many versions of iPad, virtually every other phone manufacturer, and a multitude of other devices laying around your house like a Google Nest, hard drives, speakers, webcams, etc.

Many cables now offer basic fast-charging features, owing to the growing advancement of technology and the rising need for phones for charging in minutes rather than hours. If you have, you’ll know it can be a bit of a headache. You’ve purchased an accessory for your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch… installed an Apple update a few months later… only to find an error message appears. At which point a few unsavoury terms are muttered and you start panicking about purchasing a replacement.


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