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High Speed Lightning cable

Apple,Mobile Accessories cable,charger,chargers,lightning cable.permalink.The charge port is where you connect your charger to your phone.Lightning Cables;iPhone Charger Lightning Cable Nylon Braided,It doesn’t have to be Apple-branded.How fast charging works.Apple’s lightning connector found on iPhones can be thought of as a different. Fast Charging High Speed Lightning cable Apphone Lightning cable Manufacturer.

Lightning Connector not only charges iPhone,iPad,and iPod.But,it also charges Apple’s headphones,earbuds,and other accessories of the Mac.The lightning cable does a little more than just transmit power.It can also receive digital information.You can use this cable to download photos and videos to your laptops.

Moreover,you can also download movies and music.Moving ahead,with the launch of iPhone 7,now the lightning cable can also transmit audio.Now the earphone is also gone for a toss with this technology!Wireless transmission is the tech giant’s paramount interest.The latest iPhones come up with lightning-to-headphones adapter.This allows the user to still hook up the wired headphones!

Apphone iPhone Charger Long Lightning Cable Fast Charging High Speed Data USB Cable,High-quality four-core copper wires enhance charging&data transfer speed of the iphone charging cables.Built-In MFi Certified Chipset ensures a faster charging time while keeping your device completely safe.iPhone charging cord with anti-resistant aluminum alloy connectors,thickened copper wiring inside our iphone charging cables,100%compatibility to transmit data stably and fast charging without error message.

Apple mif certified Cable

If you’re plugging your iPhone in regularly but getting low-battery warnings when you shouldn’t,consider the possibility that something is preventing your iPhone from charging successfully while plugged in.If there’s no lightning bolt badge on the battery icon when the iPhone is plugged in,that’s a sure sign that no power is reaching the device.Another hint that failures could be happening intermittently would be a lack of charging in the Last Charge Level graph in Settings>Battery when you know the iPhone was plugged in. If you are obsessed with your phone and can’t even put it down to charge, then use your phone on a phone stand holder.

As well as giving you the ability to fast charge your iPhone X right now, one of the best features of a USB-C charger with a USB-C to lightning cable All Apple data cables of Apphone have been strictly inspected for quality,and the price is very suitable.If you encounter any problems with use,you can consult customer service.We hope that you found this useful and found answers to any questions you may have had.If you have any further questions,please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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