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With the rapid development of mobile phone industry,data line as an important mobile phone accessories,has formed a very large industry.USB-C is a single USB connector shape that all devices should be adopting.USB-C cable is a pretty crucial accessory. Cheap USB Cables Top Quality-Apphone Type c cable manufacturer

USB cable on the market is mainly USB 2.0,USB 3.0,USB 3.1,USB 3.2 and lightning cable cable,different USB data cable in the transmission rate has different.When we choose,we should choose according to our device interface rate and USB interface type.When the USB Implementers Forum,USB’s governing body,releases new standards,they don’t confiscate the old stuff.It still works,right?It’s just using a slightly less powerful tech,and it will be limited to the speed and power that it’s already capable of.

USB C Cable

USB cable wiring system Data cables typically contain four wires (positive, negative, data transfer & data receive). The positive (+) and negative (-) wires carry electric power to the device while the other two data transfer (D+) and data receive (D-) wires are responsible for data exchange. Charge-only cables, on the other hand, only have the positive and negative power wires but lack the data exchange wires. For example,USB type-A to C data cable and USB type-C to C data cable.In the transmission rate is not the same,USB Type-A to C data cable can support USB 2.0,USB3.0,USB Type-C to C data cable can support USB 2.0,USB3.0,USB 3.1,USB 3.2 and lightning.

Can USB-PD run on USB-C cables?Absolutely.The latest generation of USB-PD puts out max power only when paired with the latest USB-C technology.But not all USB-C cables and ports can handle USB-PD.

Confused yet?Think of it like this:A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

The use of a USB-C charger means it can charge many different types of devices.With everything charging through a standard USB connection,USB-C ports are even being used as charging ports for Google’s Chromebook Pixel and Apple’s new MacBook.USB-C charging speeds are where users get the major advantages.With USB-C on laptops,there is no longer a need for a separate power port so even smaller devices can now be manufactured.In addition,laptops can be charged from a portable battery charger along with other devices such as smartphones,tablets,gaming devices,etc.

So if you buy the latest USB-PD charger,but don’t buy the newest version USB-C cable,you won’t be getting the charger’s max output.Likewise,if the device you want to charge can’t handle the max output,it won’t accept it.

USB Type C Cable,USB A to USB C 5A Fast Charging. Apphone data cable manufacturers 15 years of focus on 3C digital wire customized production,can be customized for customers to produce a variety of USB data cable,can support a variety of fast charging protocol.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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