Best USB C to USB C Cable 5A PD 100W Cable- Apphone

USB C to USB C Cable 5A PD 100W Cable

USB Power Delivery (or USB PD) is a USB standard charging technology that provides high power up to 100W through a USB type-c port. USB-C, known formally as USB Type-C, is the newest USB standard for delivering power and data to devices. USB-C ports support USB Power Delivery, a fast-charging standard that can deliver 100 watts of power to compatible devices. Best USB C to USB C Cable 5A PD 100W Cable- Apphone

As the power consumption of smart devices increases, the capacity of batteries is becoming more significant. However, larger batteries require faster-charging solutions to satisfy human beings who cannot wait longer until their devices become ready to be picked up.

USB-C connectors are easily identifiable because of their symmetric flattened-oval shape that can be inserted into devices either way. Power Delivery is a relatively new specification that is intended to serve as a single charging standard for all USB-C devices. It offers a lot more flexibility than previous USB charging standards — for example, USB PD acts as a two-way, port, able to both receive and deliver power.

USB C PD CABLE factory, Apphone USB-C to USB-C cable feature built-in E-mark chip to support high power and current(20 voltage/5 amp). With digital data display advantage, this fast charger cord can show charging status and signify high power process. It supports all PD devices such as mobile phones, pc, headphones, headset, earbuds, e-book, game consoles, speakers, tablets and more. Moreover, it works well with wall charger, desktop station, car charger, power adapter, portable bank,etc.

As USB Type-C has the highest data transmission speed of 10Gbps, and its maximum power transmission speed can reach 100W, therefore this interface is widely used by more and more devices. Apphone USB C charging cable is compatible for Razer Blade, for thunderbolt, for Acer, Dell XPS, HP Spectre/Pavilion/Envy/Omen, Lenovo Thinkpad/YOGA/Carbon, ASUS ZEN/ZEPHYRUS/Deluxe, Microsoft Surface GO/PRO and more. Moreover, it fits for iPad Pro/Mini and MacBook Pro/Air.

Keep in mind that while the standard charger that came with your device is generally good enough, not all third-party chargers are the same. New fast chargers are safe, affordable, and up to three times faster than the old ones many people have had lying around for years. We’ve tested the best fast chargers and collected our recommendations.


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