Best USB-C Cables: type c cable fast charging Apphone

type c cable fast charging

It is understood that ordinary data cables are easy to knot and are not durable, and it is easy to make people irritable when charging. Especially with multiple mobile phones, a bunch of data lines are even more maddening. If you have a device with a USB-C port—such as a MacBook or other compatible laptop, an iPad Pro, a Nintendo Switch, or an Android phone—you need a cable to charge it and to transfer data to and from other devices. Best USB-C Cables: type c cable fast charging Apphone

Where our other Orico cables already support 3 ampere, this Type-C cable supports no less than 5 amperes. This is due to the application of 22AWG copper wire. This allows the charging cable to support a power of up to 100 watts.
type c cable fast charging
Unfortunately, when it comes to USB-C, even cables that look identical can behave very differently—for instance, a cable that charges your phone at top speed might be sluggish at transferring music files, or vice versa. We’ve tested dozens of cables and adapters to help you find the right ones for your needs without overspending. Charge your device with PD and transmit data simultaneously. Manufacturers have plenty of time to prepare for the USB-C requirement as it won’t be mandatory until fall 2024 for wired charging. The biggest impact will of course be on Apple, which continues to rely on a proprietary Lightning port for charging the iPhone.

Connect it to your power adapter to deliver up to 100W of power to your phone, laptop or tablet. Connect your dock or other device to your system to transfer data at speeds up to 10 Gbps with power delivery (if supported by the device and host). USB 2.0 Type-C differential wires allow for charging and data transfer simultaneously. The antioxidant plated and nickel-plated connectors and the oxygen-free copper wire will charge up to 30% faster. The use of these high-quality materials ensures optimum performance, a safe and stable connection and a longer lifespan.

USB 2.0 was firmly established for over a decade as the interface standard in the PC world. However, there was still the demand for more bandwidth by modern devices such as storage, video applications, video cameras, and more appliances. Type c cable Fast charging technology is the result of the joint action of the charging head, charging cable, and mobile phone power management chip. All three are indispensable.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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