Best Lightning Cable 1 2m White- Apphone Usb Cable

Iphone lightning charging cable type

There are three mainstream charging cable interfaces on the market, namely lightning, Type-C interface and Micro USB interface. Lightning, also known as lightning interface, is a dedicated charging interface for Apple products. It is small in size and has a slow charging transmission rate. However, the design of plugging in on both sides is very convenient to use. Even if it is dark at night, you don’t have to worry about the charging interface being inserted backwards. Best Lightning Cable 1 2m White- Apphone Usb Cable

Each Apple Lightning USB cable connects easily to many different USB charging devices. If you’re charging in your car or at your desk, you probably don’t need too much cable to go around because your phone will already be at arm’s length. Charge your portable media player or phone from car or home USB adapters as well as computers and charging stations designed to work with the USB interface. Poor quality data cables have poor bending resistance. Sometimes the outer skin of the charging cable is not broken, and the conductive wires inside are also broken. A good-quality data cable has complicated workmanship. There will be a metal bayonet and glue at the interface, and a braided mesh and tensile wire are added to the inside of the cable. These processes increase the durability of the product and increase the manufacturing cost at the same time!
Lightning Charging Cables
Apple would have had to do significant redesigns on the inside of the iPhone itself to make that change, and that would have cost more money and affected margins. MFi certification means it has passed Apple’s strict testing requirements to ensure safe and fast charging for your valuable device.

Over time, your cable will inevitably start to wear down and fray as you tug it and bend it and toss it into your bag. If you’ve used an Apple charger for more than six months, you know what we’re talking about. The cable with reinforced joint design that have passed bending tests for extra durability. The welded connector makes the cable more durable and sturdier but also flexible and tangle-free.

Lightning cables keep Apple devices charged and synced at all times. A non-MFI-certified cable could damage your device, or the cable could overheat from charging. It’s best to steer clear of non-MFI-certified cables and accessories.

Apple mfi data cable identification skills, only provide you with the brand name, product model, but not the product number. The most important thing here is the product code, because this is equivalent to the ID card of the product. Because there are many kinds of products of the same brand and model, some have passed Apple certification, and some have not passed.

There’s a lot to think about when shopping for a lightning cable. First, consider the devices to be charged and what kind of USB connectors they require. Other important factors include the lightning cord’s charging efficiency, safety and compatibility certifications, and length.


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