Apple PD fast charging line and ordinary data line how to distinguish?

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Apple PD fast charging line and ordinary data line how to distinguish?-Apphone. There are differences between Apple quick charging cable and ordinary charging cable mainly in charging interface, charging adapter and charging power.

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Pd charging line is integrated with quasi-resonant current mode controller and power MOSFET, which has the characteristics of high performance, low standby power consumption and low cost. However, the charging speed of ordinary charging line is slow due to its 5V2A charging specification and constant current and voltage charging mode.

1. The chip on the PD charging line can control the charging process and automatically stop charging once it is full, making the whole charging process safe and efficient. And ordinary 5V2A charging specifications of the line, in general, the battery is full of automatic flow charging state.

2. For PD charging line, through the mixed modulation technology of QR-PWM, QR-PFM and burst-mode and the low-power structure technology of special devices, ultra-low standby power consumption and the best efficiency under the full voltage range are achieved. For ordinary charging line, less peripheral components, relatively simple, internal integration of 650V intelligent power MOSFET with high avalanche capacity, simple circuit design, easy to implement, the price is also low.

3. Data cables are used to connect mobile devices and computers for the purpose of data transmission or communication. In plain English, it is a channel tool that connects a computer and a mobile device to send videos, ringtones, pictures and other files. It can also be connected to a charger to charge the mobile device.

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