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Apple certified lightning cable list

USB-C is the industry-standard connector for transmitting both data and power. The main rival of Lightning is the USB-C port which is favored by Android smartphones including Samsung, HUAWEI, LG and more including the technology industry as a whole. Apple certified lightning cable list– usb cable manufacturer

To be clear, Lightning was — and still is — a very good connector. The port was revolutionary compared to everything else on the market at the time. The 30-pin connector was large, and Micro USB ports were finicky and hard to plug in. By contrast, the Lightning port was both small and impossible to mess up, a formula so obvious it’s a wonder it took so long for anyone to get there.

Apple changed the connector on all of its recently released computers, but not on the iPhone and iPad. Apple currently uses its own proprietary Lightning connector instead of the industry standard USB-C port. Made with braided nylon, for added durability and style.

Apple didn’t go through with that, as you can tell when you purchase a fresh Lightning cable. If you take a closer look at the images, you’ll notice markings on the Lightning connector, indicating which orientation the cable needs to be inserted in.

The European Union is working on legislation that would require Apple to use a universal port standard across its product lineup, essentially prohibiting proprietary charging methods like Lightning. The lightning port was quite capable in its working still Apple tried to adopt its product with a USB Type-C port which usually supported a higher speed data transfer and a lot more.
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The familiar straight connector is what most people are used to, but some cables have a right-angle connector that can handle more stress and make the phone more comfortable to hold while it’s charging. iOS users went through a connector transition several years ago, moving from the wide, flat, 30 pin dock connector to the smaller lightning connector. Now the rest of the smartphone industry is migrating to USB Type C.

The Lightning connector was technically adept, too. Even today, the port remains completely capable for how most of us use our phones — it can charge modern iPhones from dead to 50 percent battery in around half an hour. One of the things to look out for is MFI certification. This is Apple’s way of verifying whether a third-party manufacturer is meeting its standards and providing safe charging performance for Apple devices.


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