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Micro usb cable manufacturer 2022

USB is an industry standard for connecting, communicating, and charging devices or accessories. The acronym stands for Universal Serial Bus. Explore our selection to find every type of USB cable that you could … a USB data transfer cable, while newer ones might use micro-USB cables instead. 2022 Professional Micro usb cable manufacturer– Apphone

The cables and ports used by your smartphone and tablet will be either micro-USB or USB-C on one end, with a USB-A type on the other end. You can find out more about which type of USB your device uses. A data cable introduced by Apphone caught our attention, and the distinctive design of this product is really eye-catching.
Micro usb cable manufacturers
Let’s cover some of the various features you should keep in mind when looking for your micro USB cable.

Rated at 2.4 A, this Apphone Micro USB charging cable can charge your phone faster than regular cables. Equipped with USB 2.0 technology, it transfers data up to 500Mbps in each direction. Don’t get tied down by a simple cable.

10ft/6ft Android charging cable is well made with smooth double – braided Nylon that could protect wire cores and resists kinks.

Some of the cables that come with older models will not have the USB-A on the end, but rather just the plug. These plugs will usually have a much lower amperage. Now get this premium quality Apphone Universal USB to Micro USB Cord with a slim design for all your data transfer needs.

The number of data cable OEM foundries continues to increase. Many customers are confused when choosing a suitable data cable OEM foundry. So, how to choose a high-quality data cable OEM foundry? Apphone Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various professional products such as Apple mobile phone data cables, Type-C data cables, Android data cables, USB mobile phone data connectors, etc. The strength and quality make you rest assured. If you have any product questions, please consult us. will get a satisfactory answer.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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