2022 OEM MFi Certified Lightning Cable Fast Charging Cable- Apphone

iphone mfi certified lightning cable

Apple changed the connector on all of its recently released computers, but not on the iPhone and iPad. If you use an iPhone,you need a Lightning cable.Apple recommends using only accessories that Apple has certified and that come with the MFi badge.A lighting cable is necessary to connect your iPhone to a wall charger,power bank,and many other devices. 2022 OEM MFi Certified Lightning Cable Fast Charging Cable-Apphone

MFI is shortened version of Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod,is an Apple MFI program for developers of hardware and software peripherals.As a brand owner,you may be very interested to get mfi certification for your brand,so that you can use MFI logo on your product.

Apple’s cables are ubiquitous—even though they no longer ship new iPhones with a charging brick or wired headphones,the company still includes a Lightning cable in the box.But they aren’t exactly known for durability.If you’ve ever used one for a long enough time,you know they’re prone to fraying and slowly decaying.I have seen Lightning cables that looked as if they went through a not quite sharp enough guillotine that left their connectors hanging by a few thin wires and shreds of rubber casing.

MFi Certified apple charging cables are the only cables which are compatible with Apple’s products.The MFi Certification helps to ensure that these cables are safe for use with electrical equipment.Cables bearing the MFi logo will be optimized to deliver power at fast speeds.

Apple has been using the MFi certification from the late 1980s to ensure that these chargers and cables are safe and trustworthy when used.The MFi(made for iPhone)certification is an authentication program that Apple makes use of in order to protect their customers from potentially harmful third-party cables.A certification process is in place in order to prevent uncertified third-party companies from providing low-quality or unsafe products when manufacturing lightning accessories.If at any point of time there is a need to charge more than one device then Type-C 10 in 1 Docking station gives you the convenience to get multiple devices charged at the same time.Apple MFi technology is created by Apple to license the third party accessory makers to use their patent.

MFI certification is Apple’s way of verifying whether a third-party manufacturer is meeting its standards and providing safe charging performance for Apple devices.Though it may be convenient to snag a cheap Lightning cable from the nearest gas station or pharmacy,a non-MFI-certified cable could damage your device,or the cable could overheat from charging.

The Apphone Apple MFi certified chip ensures that the cable can output safe and effective current to the device.The iPhone charging cable is made of high-quality copper wire and can accept 2.4A current for fast charging and 480 Mbps/s fast data transfer.No Error Message pops up.Real High Speed iPhone Charging Cable with stable and efficient current output,you can plug it into laptop computers and in-car charging adapter.


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