Wholesale iphone c to lightning:2022 lightning apple usb c

apple certified lightning cable

Apple would have had to do significant redesigns on the inside of the iPhone itself to make that change, and that would have cost more money and affected margins. Wholesale iphone c to lightning:2022 lightning apple usb c

This data cable meets the needs of different users in a variety of usage scenarios. The cable body has a delicate and soft touch, high resilience, smooth and smooth surface lines, and the overall workmanship is very delicate.

Old chargers generate more than 51 000 metric tons of electronic waste per year, according to the European Parliament. Apple’s Lightning connector cable, which is used to charge and sync different devices, would therefore be at risk.
Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable (2 m)
We think a USB-C–to–Lightning cable (paired with a USB-C charger) is the best way for most people to charge their Apple devices. Although many people predominantly charge their phones and other small devices from USB-A ports, USB-C charging is faster—and it’s swiftly becoming more commonplace.

MFi certification means it has passed Apple’s strict testing requirements to ensure safe and fast charging for your valuable device.

The cable with reinforced joint design that have passed bending tests for extra durability. The welded connector makes the cable more durable and sturdier but also flexible and tangle-free.

The fast data-transfer rate of the USB interface makes it easy to transfer entire movies or multimedia presentations in moments. Device lightning port contains impurities such as fiber and debris, resulting in poor contact. Use Lightning to USB cable to charge and sync your phone or tablet at your desk.

Each Apple Lightning USB cable connects easily to many different USB charging devices. If you’re charging in your car or at your desk, you probably don’t need too much cable to go around because your phone will already be at arm’s length. Charge your portable media player or phone from car or home USB adapters as well as computers and charging stations designed to work with the USB interface.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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