Top-selling item on sale: high-quality type-c data cable

In order to ensure the clear and stable transmission of high-definition image quality, there are higher requirements for the performance of the connection cable. More and more displays are now equipped with a full-featured Type-C interface. The Type-C data cable produced by Apphone supports 5K & 60Hz audio and video synchronous transmission. The price is very affordable. If you need it, you can make an appointment on the official website. Top-selling item on sale: high-quality type-c data cable.
c to c cable
The type-c interface has strong power supply capability. According to the research, the type-c interface with the USB3.1 specification can reach 100W output power, and it can also provide bidirectional charging, that is, it can provide power for external devices while charging itself. It is precisely because of this function that many laptops now support type-c interface charging, which is undoubtedly a great boon for those business people.

This data cable has an output current of up to 5A and supports 100W high power output, ensuring that the laptop has the same charging rate as its original cable. It uses 30/18AWG multi-strand thick tinned copper core, which has less charging loss and is more stable and safe to use. To ensure product quality, this USB C connector cable is USB-if certified to meet all USB 3.1 specifications. The data cable is built based on the TB3 underlying protocol, and is backward compatible with TB3, USB3.2, USB3.1 and other protocols. Only one cable is needed for office and entertainment. This product also supports customization, you can also consult customer service.

What do we need to pay attention to when customizing the type c usb data cable?

1.Before customizing the usb data cable, it is necessary to communicate the specifications and packaging requirements of the data cable.

2.Confirm the color and quantity of the customized usb data cable. Generally speaking, the larger the quantity, the better the price.

3.Confirm the delivery time of the finished data cable, so that the manufacturer can arrange production and delivery in time.

Apphone has many kinds of data cables, which are compatible with Android and iPhone, such as USB to Type-C, Type-C to Type-C, and Type-C to IP. The one-piece manufacturing process of this data cable can keep it beautiful, and at the same time fully protect the wire, dissipate heat quickly, and comfortable handle.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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