The Wider Use of USB-C Ports in Tech- Usb type c Cable Supplier

Usb type c Cable Supplier

USB-C or USB Type-C is the latest universal standard for wired connection of smart devices.USB Type-C,commonly referred to as USB-C,is becoming the standard connector for moving data and power to and from a wide variety of computing devices. The Wider Use of USB-C Ports in Tech- Usb type c Cable Supplier

Now that you’re used to seeing co-workers,family,and strangers on planes use the oblong USB-C connector,it’s time to see just what this promising standard is capable of.As we approach its eighth birthday,the USB-C plug is now part and parcel of most current laptops,phones,and tablets.Even MacBooks,iPads,and Chromebooks are moving to USB-C.

While business tech is welcoming this change now more than ever,this move towards Type-C isn’t anything new.In fact,since its inception in 2014,POS systems have become the latest in a long line of tech appliances that are swapping out clunkier ports in favor of the newer entry point.

If you’re a seasoned Android user,you may already be familiar with the connection,with brands like Samsung,Huawei,and Nokia being no stranger to the Type-C standard.Even Apple,a company that’s famously dragged its heels when it comes to standardizing its tech,may have to renounce its Lightning port if the recent EU proposal is approved.

USB Type-C is still quite new,and is yet to be incorporated into most of the devices we use from day to day.The proposal,which was announced in September of last year,campaigns for all non-wireless smartphones,tablets,headphones,cameras,and portable speakers to adopt Type-C connectors.If the EU’s bid to reduce e-waste across the continent is successful,all major European devices would be required to harmonize their charging ports,including Apple’s iPads and iPhones.It’s not hard to envision this approach also translating to the US market,with manufacturers wanting to standardize production.

If you bought any electronic gadget recently,it probably has a USB-C port.Not too long ago,all smartphones and tablets came with Micro-USB,but that tiny hole at the bottom of your gadgets has now evolved into something much more powerful and useful.One common misconception is the assumption that all USB-C cables are fast.That’s not true.In reality,the”C”in USB-C only refers to the shape of the connector and plug.

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