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Lightning to USB Cable

Choose your charging cables on three key criteria: Quality, Usefulness and Value for money. And of course it should be an MFI (made for iphone) certified one. The familiar straight connector is what most people are used to, but some cables have a right-angle connector that can handle more stress and make the phone more comfortable to hold while it’s charging. iOS users went through a connector transition several years ago, moving from the wide, flat, 30 pin dock connector to the smaller lightning connector. Now the rest of the smartphone industry is migrating to USB Type C. The Apple Lightning to USB Cable– Wholesale Apple Cable Supplier

By using cheap cables from the market may leads to overheating and many other issues to your device. Harold Hawkins has the best and genuine collections of apple iphone cables which has MFI certification.

Find wholesale apple lightning cable manufacturers from China. Apple Lightning to USB cable can connect directly to your computer or laptop for easy charging and data transfers. It can also be used with any USB power adapter. In short, buy Apple-made, or MFi certified Lightning cables. Choose C to Lightning cables if you want fast charging. Save well over 50% of the Apple Store price for a like for like product! This Genuine Apple Lightning Cable is used for both syncing and charging iPhones and iPads.

You can find Lightning cables with lengths ranging from one to ten feet — this is where the use case comes in. If you use an iPhone, you need a Lightning cable. Apple’s cables are ubiquitous, but they aren’t exactly known for durability. The Lightning port is mainly used by Apple. A data cable with lightning port has 8 contacts on both sides of the data line, the function of each contact is defined by a digital chip. Base on MFi certification, data cable with lightning port can work with Apple devices.

The universal USB 2.0 connector works with standard USB outlets and devices. As the USB-C needs to handle fast charging, it features more protection precautions. A 3A (USB-C) cable has a higher specification on internal resistance than the 2.4A (Lightning) cable.

USB-C, like Lightning, but unlike its predecessor microUSB, can be plugged in either direction. USB-C and Lightning are not interchangeable as they are entirely different pin-outs, protocols and connectors. Although there were reports that the newer model of the Lightning connector supports a USB 3.0 host, you can only find it on some iPads.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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