PD 3 Ports USB C Car Charger

  • 【Fast Charging】: APFEN 3 Ports USB C Car Phone Charger support PD3.0,5V/2.4A design. It can greatly meet the charging needs of different types of mobile electronic devices. With its 6x charging speed, it can quickly charge four devices at the same time. Intelligently distributes power for optimal charging.
  • 【Charging Three Devices at the Same Time】:It is equipped with three USB Car Charger ports, namely USB C 5v/3.6a (pd3.0 port) and dual USB A 5v/2.4a, for fast charging. At the same time, devices that do not support PD will also send the best current (a total of 5v/3.4a2 ports). This cigarette lighter USB charger can charge 3 devices (iPhone, iPad, galaxy, Xperia, Android, etc.). Use at the same time.
  • 【Unique Design】:The APFEN 3 Ports USB C Car Phone Charger is designed in black and premium white to match various high-performance car interiors. Understated and elegant, it’s perfect for everyday car travel.
  • 【Faithful Service】:We provide high quality car chargers for you to choose from. This car charger meets the charging needs of most devices. We provide efficient after-sales service for you to buy it, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will serve you as soon as possible.
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Product Advantages

Material ABS
Input 12-24V
Output PD3.0+5V/2.4A
Size 38*27*69MM
Weight 23g
Color White/Black
Warranty 12Months


Intelligent protection, repetitive guarantee of security, more reliable use.
1.Prevent equipment from overcharging
2. Prevent the device charging voltage from being too high
3. Prevent excessive charging current
4.Prevent equipment from over power use
5.The temperature of the device is too high when using it
6, the product automatically protects against short circuit
7. Eliminate radio wave interference generated during work
8, prevent the device from charging too low
9, prevent the device from charging when the current is too low

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