Iphone Lightning Cables for the iPhone and iPad- Apphone

Iphone Lightning Cables

The lightning cable is a small connector with a standard USB-A adapter on one end and a lightning. The USB-C connector is becoming dominant on newer devices and is smaller and sleeker by comparison. The latest iPhones come with USB-C–to–Lightning cables, as Apple and the tech industry at large are shifting away from the older USB-A connectors. Iphone Lightning Cables for the iPhone and iPad- Apphone

USB C was the single connector chosen for all peripheral and charging activities on the newest MacBook, and as Apple is making the claim that our iPads can be productivity devices, a standard connector across all devices makes some sense. USB Type C is the new kid on the block, but it’s already easy to find high quality cables for less than what Apple charges.
Best Lightning Cable
But some Lightning cables are built to withstand the abuse they’re subjected to every day. Here are our top picks for the most durable iPhone charger cables, all of which are certified by Apple via the MFi compatibility program. USB-C is quickly becoming the global standard and likely already integrated into your devices.

If you’re carrying your usual lightning cable, you’re probably doing it wrong. It’s long and coiling it into your backpack or travel bag is only going to damage it sometime. That is why short lightning cables are one of the coolest travel accessories for the iPhone (or iPad). Unlike the long lightning cables, short lighting cables for the iPhone are extremely handy and occupy almost no space.

USB C’s design protects the pins and connectors on cables, but there might be some durability concerns over the tab inside a device. I’ve never personally experienced a broken Micro USB port, but it is entirely possible, even with a thicker connector than Micro USB, that the internal tab could be damaged.

It looks good too and firmly attaches to your device for a hassle-free experience. Most devices made by Apple—from iPhones to Magic Trackpads—need a Lightning cable in order to charge. We think a USB-C–to–Lightning cable (paired with a USB-C charger) is the best way for most people to charge their Apple devices. Lightning cables might have more issues with dirty exposed pins or damaged wiring, but it’s less likely that stresses on the cable will lead to a damaged phone port.


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