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Before the fast charging technology came out,it took a lot of effort for us to charge the mobile phone. It took several hours for the mobile phone to go from a low battery to a full charge. When the Apple 13 series was purchased, it did not come with a charger. I used it before iPhone charger for charging. Because the old charger is not only slow to charge, but also easy to heat up, a friend later recommended to buy a fast charging kit from the Apphone brand, and the experience is not bad. Apple fast charger, Full use experience.


Double the output,charging is so fast!

The most intuitive feeling that Apphone Apple Quick Charge Kit gives me is that the charging is particularly fast. Because its power reaches 20W, which is 5 times that of ordinary chargers, the charging speed is theoretically increased by 320%, which is really fast to the naked eye. In the past, I worked in a fixed office and could charge at any time. Now when I run business, I feel the pain of slow charging.Sometimes I stop to find a place to charge and I can’t charge much.

Obtain official safety certification,more secure

High-power charging does not mean that it is not safe, but sufficient safety measures must be taken. Apphone brand Apple fast charging set not only applies 7 kinds of charging protection technologies, such as overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, input overcurrent protection, output overcurrent protection, anti-interference protection, shell fire-retardant protection, over-temperature protection, etc., better To do the charging does not hurt the machine.

iphone fast charger 20W

Super good warranty,worry-free after-sales

The products have passed various quality inspection certifications, and each product has undergone strict quality process testing. We provide efficient after-sales service for you to purchase it. If you have any questions, please contact us, and our team will serve you as soon as possible.

A special reminder,when I buy a fast charging charger, it is not that the higher the power,the better, but whether the power is the same as that of the mobile phone. For example,to charge the iPhone 12 mobile phone, a 65W charger can charge up to 50%of the power in half an hour. If you use a 20W charger to charge the iPhone 12, it can charge 60%in half an hour. Because the standard charger of the iPhone 12 is 20W.


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