Apphone 100W PD USB-C Cable Super Charger- USB cable Wholesale

100W PD USB-C Cable Super Charger

What is USB-C PD?USB-Power Delivery(PD)is a fast-charging technology based on the USB-C standard.USB-C charging&data cable is high-strength braided and supports 100W fast charging function.It can quickly and efficiently charge laptops or smartphone. Apphone 100W PD USB-C Cable Super Charger-USB cable Wholesale

What exactly is it that separates USB PD from the crowd?Let‘s explore the main differences between USB PD and the growing collection of other fast charging technologies.

Charge any USB-C devices(even laptop).The 100W Type-C wire sports a built-in e-marked chip to help regulate voltage and currents.What gives this cord a leg up in terms of powering up our devices is PD and QC 4.0 fast charging.You can easily top up your Samsung,Google,and Apple devices as full speeds.

USB cable type c

I am a big fan of the nylon braided material used to bolster the Baseus 100W PD cable.It prevents your cord from tearing or getting damaged.If you have pets like me,this is a very important feature for safety,as well as the integrity of your belongings.Sadly,you’ll have to put up with mediocre 480 Mbps data transferring rates with this Type-C cable.

Non-PD fast charging solutions generally increase either current or voltage(beyond the normal levels for USB charging),but not both.This is mainly down to the hardware limitations of non-PD USB charging and restrictions on what a smartphone battery can handle.It takes a lot of trickery with smart negotiation and variable voltage/current to be able to get around these limitations and increase charging speeds.

Good manufacturer data lines have been tested many times,Your electronics needs might extend past a simple USB cable.We’ve also tested items like USB wall chargers,lightning cables,and USB flash drives.We’ve also tested basic office supplies from paper shredders to keyboards.

The choice of fast charging data cable is very important for the brand.Whether we are shopping in a physical store or online,we must identify the brand.The quality of brand products is generally guaranteed,and we can use them with confidence.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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