3 in 1 Fast Charging data cable, Where to buy it?

3 in 1 fast charging data cable

The charging cable (data cable) is believed to be used by everyone every day. Although wireless charging is fast, wireless charging is inefficient, charging equipment is often expensive, and devices such as mobile phones are not necessarily supported. Today, I would like to recommend several three-in-one data cables, including the three-in-one Apple Lightning interface, USB-C interface and Micro USB interface, and they are all devices that support fast charging. The most important thing is that the price is cheap, and there is no pressure to start. .  Three-in-one fast charging data cable, where to buy?

Apphone 3-in-1 data cable has a very powerful performance. It has a 3.5A high-current charging capability, which can improve the charging efficiency. And it can charge Apple, Android mobile phones and other devices at the same time, so you can carry a data cable when you go out. The powerful built-in chip can make the voltage more stable, the charging safety is more secure, and there is no problem of overheating. The three-in-one data cable adopts a retractable design, which can be stored into a very small circle when not in use, and can reach 120cm after expansion. The Apphone 3-in-1 data cable supports 100W fast charging and 5A high current, so it can significantly improve the charging speed and efficiency. In general, it is durable, fast charging, diverse interfaces, and high value.

3 in 1 charging data cable

Under normal circumstances, when we buy a USB data cable, we choose the data cable of the same brand as the mobile phone, because the brand is premium, and the price is generally inflated. Therefore, I recommend buying a data cable with a good price and a very suitable product quality.

Apphone products are mostly used in computer mobile phones, tablets, smart electronic products and other fields. For customized solutions, there are professional R&D personnel services, which can quickly match the corresponding solutions and proofing, allowing customers to launch new products to the market faster.

To put it simply, this three-in-one data cable is still very suitable for the needs, both in terms of material and details, especially the three ports support fast charging, and the C port is up to 100w, which is more suitable for charging multiple devices. demand.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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