Wholesale USB cable for charging- Apphone Type c Cable OEM

Type c Cable OEM

USB Charging Cables-Chargers-From USB A to USB C,and many other variations,select an USB connector to learn…USB-C is more or less becoming the standard to power up everything from laptops to consoles,and all manner of smart devices.Wholesale USB cable for charging-Apphone Type c Cable OEM

The cables are bidirectional,too—it doesn’t matter which end goes to which device.Data and current can travel in either direction.USB-C cables can transfer more power(delivering up to double the transfer speed of USB 3)so they can be used to charge larger devices like laptops.USB-C is a single USB connector shape that all devices should be adopting..It is well worth investing in USB-C due to its fast charging,convenience,and fast data transfer.It’s expected that USB-C will be adopted in more devices of all types which will make it the leading industry standard.USB-C has much greater data and power transmission capability than previous USB types,and it supports multiple kinds of data—even non-USB data,like HDMI.

Type c Cable

USB-C charging speeds are where users get the major advantages.USB-C ports are capable of fast and powerful charging-powering devices at up to 100 W.Charging can be done while simultaneously transferring data.This could not always be managed by the previous standards.USB-C PD can charge your device up to 70%faster than standard 5W charging*.This means less time plugged in while your smartphone reaches 100%charged.When you’re looking for an urgent battery boost,a quick 10-minute charge with USB-C PD might be all you need.

With up to 100W of power available,USB-C PD can even charge larger devices,like tablets and laptops. All you need is the right wall charger and USB-C cable–and leave those heavy laptop power cables at home.Apphone USB-C cable has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards,you have no need to worry about this cable quality at all.Supports safe high-speed charging 3A and data syncing speed up to(480Mb/s).

USB-C connectors have been designed hand-in-hand with USB-C Power Delivery,to handle these new high levels of power.USB-C circuit boards are specially designed to carry this increased wattage without being damaged or overheating,for enhanced safety to users and their devices.

All data line products of Apphone have good technical strength from research and development to production and sales,and the quality of data line is more guaranteed.If there are any problems in subsequent products,professional consultants will ask you to follow up and guarantee them.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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