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We have confirmed that the Lightning cable does have four chips embedded in it,plus some passive devices.Since the introduction of the iPhone 11 Pro,Apple has offered iPhone customers two types of charging cables to use,Which Lightning Cable Do You Need-Mfi lightning cable factory

USB-C is a far more common cable connection than the Lightning Port.You may be wondering what’s the difference and why did Apple bother changing the cable then?With that in mind,this write-up will cover both of these points,in addition to which cable comes in the box with each model of the iPhone.

USB-C to Lightning cables are capable of providing up to 100W of power.This means iPhone users are able to take adavantage of fast-charging technology,which as it suggests mean iPhone’s are able to charge at a much faster rate.For example all of the iPhone 12 Series of handsets(12 Pro Max,12 Pro,12 and 12 mini)are capable of 20W fast charging allowing them to charge to 50%in approximately 30 minutes.The USB-C to Lightning cable is also capable of much higher transfer speeds in comparison to a USB-A cable,in addition to being reversible. The Apphone iphone cable body made of durable nylon and aluminum alloy enclosure, it can be withstand at least 15000 cycle bending and 10000 plug and pull life, which is 12 times stronger than the original cable
Extra Long 10 ft iPhone Charger: The length perfect replace your short iPhone charging cable,it’s nice to be able to move around if need be while the device is charging,the long length for laying on the couch or bed while using your iPad or phone as it charges

The USB-A to Lightning is a much more widely used and recoginsable cable,mainly because it’s what Apple have been using to charge their iPhones since 2012 when the iPhone 5 was first released.It’s not wrong to keep your phone in your pocket but keep the cable separate from it.Your pocket is an excellent place for bacteria to develop,so storing your phone and cable together will damage the cable much faster.Cables tend to get damaged when they rub against surfaces,from floors to desks.FOr this reason,you should store them around your desk when not in use.

The lightning cable uses eight pins,rather than 30 in the older model,and as it is symmetrical,it has the same number of pins on either side,so it can be inserted either side into your device’s charging port.Making use of the traditional USB-A connection,this type of cable utilises USB 2.0 technology.As a result of older technology,these cables are not capable of the fast charging times that USB-C cables are capable of.

Even though we expect lightning cables to last a long time,it is still good to know how to care for your lightning cable.For that,you can use the tips mentioned in this content to take care of your cables and prolong their life span.

If made by credible companies,cheap lightning cables are every bit as safe and reliable as Apple cables;it just means that you aren’t paying over the odds for the Apple brand.You should,however,be wary of the manufacturer as some cheap knock-off lightning cables may not be reliable and may not be safe.However,speaking generally,cheap lightning cables are every bit as safe and reliable as official Apple ones.


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