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USB-C cables can be used to quickly charge many popular devices.Top USB Cables Manufacturer and Supplier,with It’s Technician Staff and Specialized Factory to Enssure the Best USB Cables. USB Charging Cable Factory USB Type-C Cables-Apphone USB Charging Cable Factory

We always knew that making a mobile cable was essential.Loads of cables are laying around in almost every home,leaving plenty of electronic trash and a massive overload of consumption.Every time we bought one new cable,we got angry with all the packaging around it.After some growing pains,USB-C has hit its stride.Many laptops and phones come with USB-C ports for data and charging,and now an abundance of accessories take advantage of the standard.

Type c Cable Fast Charging 3.0

Even Apple,which for years favored its competing Lightning connector,is building USB-C into new iPads and reportedly will release USB-C iPhones in 2023.That’s great,because more USB-C devices means more USB-C charging ports everywhere,so you’re less likely to be stuck with a drained battery in an airport,office or friend’s car.

And the main USB connector style,called USB-A,is infamously flawed.Almost-but-not-quite symmetric,it’s infuriatingly difficult to insert properly on the first try.Now,USB-C is the latest version of the USB standard.But unlike the rest,USB-C might be good enough to stick around.

Accessories unlock USB-C’s potential.USB docks and hubs multiply the abilities of a single USB-C port on your laptop.Multiport chargers are great for people with lots of devices to charge,and efficient new gallium nitride,aka GaN,electronics makes them smaller and lighter.And now USB-C is increasingly useful as a video port to connect external monitors.

USB-C is narrow enough that it can fit on phones with no problem.Apphone specializes in the production and development of various electronic data cables.The factory is affordable and supports customization.You can use it with confidence after purchase.If you have more knowledge or products you want to know,please contact us.

Usb charging cable manufacturer, A USB-C cable plugged into a USB 3.1 port can transfer 10 gigabytes of data per second.Plugging into a 3.2 port will get you 20 gigabytes per second.And Thunderbolt 3 ports allow USB-C cables to carry a substantial 40 gigabytes per second.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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