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USB cable type c

The USB cable has been around for years. We even have been graced by fast wireless chargers. How is a consumer supposed to know which ones are the best USB-C cables. The USB data cable is used for the connection and communication between the computer and the external device,and can also be used for the charging of the mobile phone and the connection with the external device.In layman’s terms,it is used to transmit data and charge. USB Type C Cables-Apphone 2022 Usb c Charger manufacturer

USB-C cables that are suitable for charging,and those that are suitable for both charging and fast data transfer.And while it lacks wires to support USB 3.1 speeds,that makes the cable very pliable and lightweight.The high quality connector ensures not only the safety of the connected device but also reliable charging and high speed data transmission.After testing more than a dozen USB-C cables,we can say with certainty they are not all the same.We observed huge performance differences among cables in transferring data and charging devices.

USB Type-C USB Cable

At present,common digital devices use USB data cables to transmit data.The USB-C interface above the USB3.0 protocol has become the standard configuration of the latest flagship mobile phones,which not only greatly improves the bandwidth,but also makes the data transmission speed faster.,and achieves better power management,making mobile phone fast charging more convenient.Tangle-free Nylon Braided Design,With a tested 10000+bend lifespan,this USB C Cable is far more dependable than others in its price range.Premium nylon braided type c cable adds additional durability and tangle free.

It lets you connect compatible iPhones,iPods and iPads directly.Our premium,intricate tough nylon braiding not only makes the cable durable and long lasting to suit a variety of everyday connection needs but also ensures it lasts several times longer than standard cables.Keep the power flowing between your devices with this Apple USB-C to Lightning cable.According to different interfaces and data lines of USB,supported devices:mouse,keyboard,printer,scanner,camera,flash disk,MP3 player,mobile phone,digital camera,mobile hard disk,external optical floppy drive,USB network card,ADSL Modem,Cable Modem and other electronic products.

And once this law is implemented,it will cause more problems in the case of Apple iPhone than Android.Because,moving away from micro USB port,USB-C port is already being given to Android phones.Apple is the only company that uses its own Lightning port instead of USB-C.Apphone pursues the ultimate in all aspects when making data cable customization.From the selection of materials alone,it can be seen that the demand is high,and there are relatively few problems in daily use.If you encounter any problems,the manufacturer will help you deal with it first.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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