USB-C Charging Cable in Android Phone- Apphone Usb c Charger port

USB-C Charging Cable in Android Phone

USB-C charging Cables are the first and most important gadgets you need to think about just after buying your phone,it doesn’t matter if it’s and iPhone or an Android phone.Wholesale oem fast charger data cable manufacturer supplier, USB-C Charging Cable in Android Phone-Apphone Usb c Charger port

Better user-experience,more durable,and lighter than ever before.If we compare it to buying a car it’s the same.A car will satisfy you need which is moving from a place to another.However,buying a Mercedes is not like buying a middle-class or a low-class car.The aim is the same,but you’re missing the whole experience at the end.

Type c cable near me

Apphone USB type C cable accelerates charging speed by providing 20V/3A safe charging power and supports data transfer speed up to 480Mbps(40~60MB/S).(Can’t reach thunderbolt 3 speed,also can’t output video signal,fast charging Need fast charging adapter as well as cell phone end support).Extra long cable:6.6 FT type c charging cable that you can share with family,loved ones and friends and charge almost anywhere,including the bedroom,office,backseat of your car and more.

Regular USB cords deliver roughly 2.5 watts of electricity to your smartphone’s battery,whereas fast charging cables can deliver up to 120 watts of power(depending on the manufacturer and type of your smartphone).You will not receive fast charging speed if you use a conventional USB cable and a fast-charging power brick/adapter to charge a smartphone.This is because the amount of electricity a conventional cable can transfer to a device is restricted.

USB type C is able to gain immense popularity in the realm of USB adapters.It has a slim profile and functions powerfully.Lightning also has a smaller and a more robust connector.USB type C has fairly a larger size.It is also a bit complex in shape in contrast to lightning plug.Lightning is easier to connect to the product.The stress put on USB type C can damage the device.Whereas,the stress on lightning connector would damage the cheap cable.

How to Identify a Fast Charging Cable,Some cable manufacturers make it quite easy for customers to identify the sort of cable they are going to purchase.When choosing a cable,look for anything that indicates the cable supports rapid charging on the logo,label,or description.Some cables are labeled as rapid charging/quick charging,so that(possible)consumers are aware of what they’re getting into.

Even some displays have a USB-C port,allowing you to simply connect a USB-C cable from your laptop to your monitor–while simultaneously charging your laptop through that same monitor.Buying USB Type-C Charging Cables is not as expensive as buying a Mercedes.After reading this guide you have probably decided about the cable you want to get.Many of these cables are compatible with different USB series,but if you’re willing to buy an Apple cable you have to make sure you own USB-C compatible devices.


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