USB C Charging Cable- Apphone Usb a to Usb c manufacturers

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A USB-C cable is a recent type of USB connector that’s easier to use and more powerful than older USB types.USB-C cables can be used to quickly charge many popular devices,including the MacBook Pro and Nintendo Switch,and transfer data faster than any other USB type. USB C Charging Cable-Apphone Usb a to Usb c manufacturers

USB-C cables can handle power.At a bare minimum,they must carry at least 20V at 3A,for a total of 60W of input power.However,some cables are capable of carrying 20V at 5A,which results in more rapid charging speeds.Charge and sync data on your USB C devices including iPad Pro,Samsung Galaxy S8,S8+,S9,S10,S20,One Plus,Google Pixel 3a,3,4 series,Nexus 6P and USB 3.1 Type C laptops/tablets

And the main USB connector style,called USB-A,is infamously flawed.Almost-but-not-quite symmetric,it’s infuriatingly difficult to insert properly on the first try.You’d be forgiven for assuming the best iPhone charger cable comes from Apple.After all,the company’s phones,headphones,and accessories all use a proprietary connection you won’t see on any non-Apple products.Nearly all Android smartphones now use USB-C charging,as do Apple’s MacBooks and iPads,and many other new laptops.If you want your Lightning connector earphones,or another iPhone corded accessory,to work with USB-C once you upgrade your phone.

QUICK Charge 3.0 Type C CABLE

USB-C is the latest version of the USB standard.But unlike the rest,USB-C might be good enough to stick around.If you’re looking to buy the best iPhone charger cables in 2022,You can choose Apphone’s Apple Lightning charging cable.All the below options are durable,charge your smartphones,AirPods,or older iPads quickly,and are Apple MFi-certified(which means that it should transfer data to and from any iOS device without issue).Whether you’re just looking for a cheap replacement for a fraying cord,something that’s compatible with your new laptop,a cord with an eye-catching design,a super long cord so that you can scroll through Instagram on either side of your mattress,or a cord that can resist literally being cut by a chainsaw,we’ve got you covered.

Apphone has a wide variety of data lines and supports customization.When receiving the customer’s intention to customize,it will make a sample according to the drawings provided by the customer or the customer’s customized requirements,and repeatedly confirm the requirements with the customer.If you have any use problems,you can consult.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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