Type c type c cable| Apphone USB-C to USB-C Cable

type c type c cable

With the popularization, more and more mobile phone manufacturers on the market have begun to use the Type-C interface. Do cables tangle when you store them? Apphone solves this thanks to its durable textile surface and the included elastic band which functions as a cable holder. This cord has a USB-C connector at both ends. Type c type c cable| Apphone USB-C to USB-C Cable

USB-C can also support lots of different types of data – including video – and power over a single connector, so it’s a really convenient connector design and easy to see why it’s taking over all devices. The iPhone still uses Apple’s own proprietary Lightning standard. Apple has changed things up more recently with the iPad Pro and iPad Air now supporting USB-C (to enable faster data connections and compatibility with a wider range of accessories) and it’s really only a matter of time before Apple moves the iPhone to USB-C too.
type c type c cable usb c cable
I know the transmission speed of the high-speed USB Type-C device and connect it to the high-speed interface of the computer, but the actual speed is not up to speed. Or obviously use the standard high-speed charging interface Type-C of the device, but the charging speed is still slow. Most of them are caused by the wrong matching of Type-C cables. As Type-C becomes more and more popular and there are more and more Type-C cables on hand, it is of course easier to confuse and make mistakes. Why is this data cable popular? A Cable for Life: Engineered with a nylon exterior to resist heavy tear and wear from the outside and a precision-designed interior to withstand thousands upon thousands of strains. Transfer movies, songs, or entire seasons of your favorite show just in seconds at 480Mbps max speed.

Today’s 5G network brings extremely high bandwidth and speed, coupled with the application of high refresh screen, which makes the mobile phone’s power stretched. In this case, a safe and easy-to-use fast charging cable becomes particularly important. In the future, when you buy new data cables, or organize and use cables of different equipment, you can choose to consult reliable brand manufacturers for professional information acquisition.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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