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Long USB C Cable Fast Charger

USB-C PD chargers recognize your device’s power requirements and adjust to power it safely in as little time as possible. The USB PD specification is also closely intertwined with USB Type-C. Type C Charger, Long USB C Cable Fast Charger– usb cable manufacturer

USB-C could spell the end of all those proprietary laptop charging cables, with everything charging via a standard USB connection. You could even charge your laptop from one of those portable battery packs you charge your smartphones and other portable devices from today.

Under the EU’s law, all electronics – cameras, phones, tablets, earbuds, speakers and the like – must be equipped with a USB-C port that can deliver power. While most Android devices, and even newer Apple iPads, come with USB-C, the iPhone is holding stubbornly to its Lightning Port. USB Type-C ports can also support a variety of different protocols using “alternate modes,” which allows you to have adapters that can output HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, or other types of connections from that single USB port. Apple’s USB-C Digital Multiport Adapter is a good example of this, offering an adapter that allows you to connect an HDMI, VGA, larger USB Type-A connectors, and smaller USB Type-C connector via a single port.

 How to choose a good type c fast charging data cable?
Long USB C Cable Fast Charger usb cable manufacturer
With these cables, the type is whichever end of the cable isn’t the standard USB Type-A connector. So, for example, a cable with both a USB Type-A and a Type-C connector is a USB Type-C cable. The durable nylon woven fabric is made of a high-quality aluminum casing that makes the charger cable resistant to oxidation. Excellent resistance to twisting and abrasion.With a tested 10000+ bend lifespan. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10e / S9 / Note 8/9 / S8 / S8 +, Razer, Google Pixel 2 / Pixel / Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P, LG V30 / V20 / G6 / G5, Sony Xperia XZ, Huawei Honor 9/8, Motorola Moto X4 / Z2, HTC U11 and all USB C compatible phones and tablets.

USB-C itself is only a type of connector. Any given USB-C port does not necessarily support USB 3.1 or USB Power Delivery. The connector is common to several technologies. You can plug in a USB Type-C cable in either orientation. Whereas all the legacy connections only work in one orientation.

You might use one of these cables when connecting a smartphone or tablet to a larger display, such as a computer monitor, high-definition TV or video projector. To find the best USB-C charger for your devices, You can consult us for professional advice.


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