The USB-C cables for charging- Apphone Usb cable oem

Usb cable oem

USB-C is a much better technological improvement on past connectors.A charger powers your device as fast as your cable allows.All USB-C cables must be able to carry a minimum of 3A current(at 20V,60W). The USB-C cables for charging-Apphone Usb cable oem

we are no strangers to the ever-changing and fast-paced world of high-speed charging.We are a leading manufacturer developing USB-C chargers that utilize and support the latest technology and charging protocols.

USB-C is the latest USB connector type developed by the USB Implementers’Forum(USB-IF).USB-C is replacing the older connectors,such as USB-A and micro USB.All newly-made devices,whether smartphones,tablets,or laptops,are charged and powered by USB-C cables.The difference between a good USB-C cable and one of the best most of the time depends on what these accessories are made of.A cable built with long-lasting materials and some design sense will usually be more dependable than a bargain-bin offering you nab in the checkout line at an electronics store.

Usb to Type c Cables

Some AppHone fast charging USB Type C cable can withstand over 20,000 bends and 10,000 insertions.Reinforced with a nylon braided outer sheath and robust aluminum connector housings,it has been engineered for extreme durability.Optimized and tested wire core supports up to 100W output compatible with PD,PPS,and QC fast-charging technology to better pair with your fast charger.High-quality c type charging cable features a 56K Ohm pull-up resistor.Moreover,it complies with USB-C Standards allowing you to use it for all Type C compatible devices.The Apphone usb type c 90 degree cable supports up to 5A/100W charging,plus you can enjoy data transmission speeds reaching up to 10Gb/s for fast access to your files.

A USB-C cable will either work,or it won’t.Still,there are a few aspects to consider when picking out a cable you can depend on.Choose USB-C or Lightning connections,and search all the big brands including Apple and Cygnett.You’ll find the right length and colour to suit your phone and your style. Usb Data line to buy, it is recommended that you choose a good after-sales brand, later will let us save a lot of heart, now many brands of data line have a new logo for a year, a year if there are product quality problems, will be free of charge for new, EpF after-sales service first-class, to provide professional after-sales support for customers.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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