Nylon Braided type c to type c cable,Fast charging and low price

usb c to c cable 100W

More and more mobile phones now support fast charging. Of course, the condition for fast charging is that the mobile phone, charging cable, and charging head all support fast charging. Now many accessory manufacturers have made fast charging data cables that can digitally display power. Here is a simple data cable recommended for you. Nylon Braided type c to type c cable,Fast charging and low price

The Type-C to C data cable strictly follows the high standard configuration of USB 3.1. It can replace the HDMI cable for audio and video transmission of large and small screens. Just connect the data cable to the Type-C interface of the device to achieve 4K Ultra-clear on the same screen (only supports 3.0 device interface, 2.0 device only supports charging and data transmission). [100W Super Fast Charge] Deegotech 100W usb c cable built-in E-Marker chip that supports 20V/5A max power delivery and fast charge MacBook Pro 16″ to 38% in 30 minutes.Plese using an 87W/96W/120W power adapter (Note: actual charging power depends on your device and power adapter)
usb c to usb c cable nylon
Compared with common TPE and PVC materials, the wire body of this data cable is covered with 1000-filament nylon braid. Compared with common TPE and PVC materials, it has enhanced tensile strength, wear resistance and dirt resistance, and prolongs the service life of the wire. The inside of the Type-C port head is an orange base. This wire supports a maximum current of 5A, which basically meets the fast charging of most mobile phones, tablets, mobile power supplies and other devices on the market. In terms of actual use experience, I replaced the original line of my mobile phone, tablet, and computer with the data cable of Apphone for charging, which can achieve the charging effect of the original line.

It is not difficult to find that you like to buy electronic products, almost every baby will be equipped with a data cable and a charger for you. Some companies have realized the waste of resources, and the universal charger has been used as a standard configuration. It has been gradually reduced and cancelled, but the charging cable and data cable are still delivered to you. It is also emphasized in the manual that you must use the original charger and data cable. In fact, these chargers and data cables are basically universal. As long as the voltage and current of the interface and the input and output are consistent, there is no problem. The most advanced interface of the data cable is the “USB Type-C interface”, which is characterized by a slim design, faster transmission speed, stronger power transmission, and supports double-sided insertion of the USB interface.

Type-C refers to a data cable with a USB Type-C interface. It is generally used on small devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. It has no positive and negative directions and can be used on both sides. Faster and more efficient charging. You can charge your devices from a distance on the sofa, in bed, in the back seat of your car, offers fast charging at home, in the office. Type-C is also one of the USB interfaces. It has the same three main interfaces as Type-a and Type-b.

Nowadays, the call for the unified charging interface of mobile phones is getting louder and louder. It is recognized that the Type-C interface is very reasonable, and the future is also the most promising. Apphone’s data cable is convenient for ordinary users to see the charging power intuitively. Even if the digital display function is not required, it is no problem to use it as a fast charging cable for daily use.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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