Mfi usb c cable manufacturer- Mfi certified usb c to lightning cable Apphone

Mfi usb c cable manufacturer usb c to lightning cable

Apple Lightning Cables Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China. With Apphone’s Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Sync and Charge Cable, you can easily and quickly transfer music, videos, images, and other files from your device to your computer, and vice versa. Mfi usb c cable manufacturer– mfi certified usb c to lightning cable

In the years since, the universe of cable standards has changed a lot. Lightning cables are old news, since almost all Android phones and new MacBook Pros now charge with USB-C ports. First, choose Lightning cables made by Apple, or MFi certified cables from third party manufactures for quality and longevity (MFi is short for Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod and is Apple’s licensing program for developers and manufacturers). An MFi certified product will have a logo as follows. You can go to Apple official MFi website to check out whether a product is truly MFi certified.
Mfi usb c cable manufacturer for iphone
IPhones have been equipped to charge via Lightning cables, or eight-pin cables, which replaced older 30-pin charging cables. And these puppies can do a lot more than charge. They can also transmit data between devices, allowing you to easily transfer photos and files between devices if you’re not uploading everything directly to the Cloud.

The iphone charging cables are made of top-rated material and coated with premium TPE, which last 4X longer than other iphone charger cord and proven to withstand over 20,000 bends in strict laboratory tests.

But for manufacturers of third-party devices for Apple products, such as charging docks or sound systems, incorporating unauthorized cables can lead to damage or failure of the product. An iPhone charging cable can range from anywhere between a foot long to 10 feet in length. If you’re charging in your car or at your desk, you probably don’t need too much cable to go around because your phone will already be at arm’s length. Apple’s Limited Warranty does not apply to products that are not Apple branded, even if packaged or sold with Apple products. Please contact the manufacturer directly for technical support and customer service.

Over time, your cable will inevitably start to wear down and fray as you tug it and bend it and toss it into your bag. Rely on Apphone Brands to have the most popular data cable products in-stock and ready to ship when you need it.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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