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Get Free Shipping on Wholesale iPhone OEM Lightning USB Charger Cables.So please purchase from us for Genuine Apple Lightning Cable Wholesale.  Without a doubt the best Lightning cable currently on the market.  MFi Certified Lightning Cable Manufacturer-Apphone Professional supply.

Nowadays,there are many manufacturers of data cables,and consumers have more choices than before.PVC and TPE are more traditional data cable materials.In the past,the original Apple cable used PVC material,which is easy to oxidize and yellow,and is also very fragile.The interface between the tail net and the cable is particularly easy to”break the skin”.Basically,this material is rarely used..

Apple braided wire is currently a very hot outer covering material,and its advantages lie in wear resistance and pull resistance.The braided wire is generally harder and thicker.Many large manufacturers apply new nylon materials to the data cable to improve the weaving process and make the wire softer.

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Looking for iphone charger cables?In APPHONE,you can also find other good deals on cables!Many of the cables we tested were within spec or close enough that it didn’t matter,since there’s likely even more resistance we’re not able to account for with our method.Each cable contains an authorization chip issued to ensure 100%compatibility with iPhone.ensures that your lightning devices are loaded and charge safely and faster at maximum speed.If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us free return and exchange Service.MFI Certified Lightning Cable,Built with terminal and smart chip,ensured safe charging for your devices and Enjoy fast charge and data transfer.

be sure to look for the Apple stamp of approval:the MFi certification badge.MFi stands for”made for iPhone/iPad/iPod.”I’d never buy a cable without that badge,as an uncertified cable could potentially damage your device.A USB-C-to-Lightning cable comes with newer iPhone models,and it is a convenient piece of tech to have.It’s worth having a couple on hand.You can use it to sync or charge your iPhone from your MacBook or iPad Pro.

It’s been the same story for more than a decade: For months, I charge my device with no problem. But eventually, a bump pops up where connector meets cord. Soon, there’s a slit in that light gray casing that exposes the guts of the cable. Only the biggest and best iPhone for you-the best camera,largest display,and longest battery life.If your cables are not working and you are looking to buy a new lightning cable,feel free to contact me and a professional will answer you.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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