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Get the perfect cable for your phone, tablet, headphones, and anything else. Most new Android phones use USB-C. Apple’s laptop too uses this port. But, every USB-C port is not the same. Looking for Best USB Type C Cables? Apphone Android Central

Knowing what is the right USB-C cable for your needs can be challenging because most of us don’t really know much about Type-C wires. You might think it’s intimidating, but we’re here to help you figure out what’s the difference between one USB-C wire and another, what makes a Type-C cable better than the rest, and all the important bits such as wattage, length, and data transfer speeds.

USB-C Charging Cable in Android Phone

The USB Type-C connector transports both power and data over the same cable, allowing you to experience both high-speed data and low power consumption on your device. This is why this small cable is so popular among huge computer and mobile giants. Practically every modern device, from smartphones to laptops, features built-in fast charging technology to give it the boost it needs as swiftly as possible when combined with a fast charger cable or accessory. From Quick Charge technology to the Qi standard for wireless charging, fast chargers can put out anywhere from 10 to 65 watts (although, technically speaking, anything over 2.5 watts is considered fast charging), powering up phones and laptops in half an hour or one hour’s time.

Apphone USB-C fast charging cable provides up to 5V/3A safe charging current, which charging speed increased by 40%. You can also sync data between two devices with this type-c cable. An additional spring has been added to the cord and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying. In the laboratory environment, bending test can reach 10,000 times +.

Type-C cable OEM, USB-B (the squarish sort you put into a printer), Mini-USB (popular for plugging in digital cameras years ago), Micro-USB (found on everything from wireless headphones to smartphones to e-readers), or Apple-specific (like the current Lightning port on iPhones). USB Type-C, or simply USB-C, is the port that will eventually replace all of them.

USB-C can also be used for visual connections, such as computer monitors. However, charging speeds are where most individuals can see the most immediate benefits without spending a fortune right now. When choosing a spare data cable, it is not necessary to choose a data cable from the official website. You can choose a quality, guaranteed and inexpensive cable. The Apphone data cable is still very easy to use. If you have any use problems, you can come to consult. The Type C cable is more advanced than any other USB cable. Reverse insertion is possible with Type-C ports, so you can plug in either end of the cable. The USB Type-C port can work as both an INPUT and an OUTPUT, so you don’t have to worry about which port to inset.


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