Lightning to usb and lightning- Factory wholesale at low price

Lightning to usb and lightning

We know the future of power and data transfer will be taken by USB-C connector and cables for USB-A’s substitution. The apple lightning usb adapter can easily connect to a mobile phone, laptop, tablet and other bluetooth devices. Lightning to usb and lightning– Factory wholesale at low price

Certified iphone lightning cable for your lightning devices. Built with apple original chip promise no warning message pops up, ensures that your lightning devices are loaded and charge safely and faster at maximum speed. The size of the lightning interface is smaller, which frees up more space for the electronic components inside the mobile phone, which is conducive to improving the performance of the mobile phone, and does not distinguish between the front and the back, and the durability is also higher.
Lightning to usb and lightning cable
Therefore, to follow up the newest USB-C cable trend becomes more and more important to either protect the devices or for charging efficiency. Let us tell you about the Do’s and Don’ts about the USB-C to Lightning cable.

Lightning usb cable usage reference

Generally speaking, the material and workmanship of the charging data cable determine the price. If the material of the data cable is not good, it means that the metal thickness of the plug is not enough, which will lead to more plugging and unplugging than the good data cable. The diameter of the cable is also not enough, which will cause you to charge slowly and download slowly; the cable sheath and connector are not durable. The workmanship problem is that there are too many burrs, and the welding place inside is not good..

Do see if the cable is Power Delivery supported (learn more: USB Power delivery). Since the PD technology fulfills the Maximum functionality of USB by providing more flexible power delivery along with data over a single cable, such as to boost up the power level from 5V to 20V; to release the fixed power delivery directions; to manage the power across multiple peripherals; and to let devices manage the power level it needs intelligently. Therefore, by choosing the right cable, you can make sure your iPhone/ iPad will get charged properly and fast enough with the PD supported chargers or Power Bank. Apphone recommends Cable GO which can manage all the features and reasonable price for your satisfaction.

Apple’s original Lightning to USB cable is undoubtedly the best, and the quality of workmanship is impeccable, both externally and internally. At the same time, it can be double-sided, the plug-in experience is smooth, and the charging time is fast. On the practicability, cost performance, safety and durability of the Apple data cable, as a professional manufacturer of USB data cables for 20 years, Epfeng strives to provide customers with excellent and stable quality and fast service, and strive for the greatest benefits for customers.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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