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mfi lightning cable

When we buy Lighting cables, we often see that some cables are marked with Apple MFi certification and some are not. MFi certified cables use the original chip given by Apple, so the quality of the cable can be guaranteed. If you are using iPhone, you should have a MFi certified lightning cable. Apphone share: MFI certified lightning cable.

This cable, with MFi certification, applies high-density braided cable, making it durable, pull-resistant,and tangle-free. It can aslo intelligently identificate the charging devices, protect the battery, and you can be peace of mind charging.

MFI certified lightning cable also has the function of fast charging. Just in a short period of 30 minutes, it can be charged up to 70% of the power, and no harm to the phone at all. MFI certified data cables and accessories are also more secure and safe to use. There are many online data cables and accessories market. How to know whether the third-party data cables and accessories have MFi certification or not?

MFi certification is a kind of logo use permit for external accessories produced by Apple Inc. for its authorized accessory manufacturers. Only accessories with MFi certification can be used unhindered for iOS devices, otherwise they will be disabled or have limited functions.

MFi certification is for specific product, which means that a brand can have both an MFi-certified product and product that is not MFi-certified. Even if this MFi certification is passed, it does not mean that it is permanently obtained. MFi certified manufacturers must comply with MFi guidelines for design and production. Any changes in design or materials must be communicated to Apple, and failuring to maintain quality and qualifications will result in cancellation of certification. After each MFi-certified product is taken off the market, its MFi certification will also expire and new products will need to reapply.

Some manufacturers may advertise an MFi-certified product while in fact many of the other models being sold are non-certified. There may also be cases where a product is initially listed with MFi certification, but then the certification is removed.

When purchasing third-party cables and accessories, in addition to recognizing the MFi label on the product packaging, you can also go to Apple’s website to further verify the identity by searching for the product model, brand and UPC/EAN product code, which can generally be found on the product packaging.

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