Get USB C to Lightning Cable for phone- mfi authorized factory

USB C to Lightning Cable for phone

You can go to Apple official MFi website to check out whether a product is truly MFi certified. If you’re searching for another way to charge up your devices, be sure to check out some of the best MagSafe chargers available as well as the best iPhone wall chargers. Get USB C to Lightning Cable for phone– mfi authorized factory

Fast charging is a handy technology that allows users to get more power for their handhelds in a short period. Apple MFi Certification means that these cables have been thoroughly tested and that you can use them with complete confidence that they meet or exceed Apple’s rigorous standards for iOS® accessories. there are Lightning cables with integrated adaptors for better versatility, cables with different length for different scenarios, and cables with metal tips and nylon/Kevlar sleeves for extra durability.

Have you ever struggled to find the right cable when rummaging through a mountain of them? What about plugging the USB-C cable into your iPad Air? The iPhone Lightning cable build-in four-core high-quality copper wires and multiple safety protections overcharge/stable current/automatic switching/battery protection to promote maximum signal quality and strength. If you need high speed, you have to worry about USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 variants.
USB C to Lightning Cable for phone
The charger does not need to be MFi certified, because the PD fast charging technology it adopts is the unified standard of the industry. All current-generation iPhones support wireless charging, but do note that this is usually a slower process than charging via a cable (depending on your cable and adapter).

Right now, two types of charging cables dominate the market: USB-C and Lightning, which still causes an inconvenience for customers. Not everything has to be either this or that. So, let’s forget about the price and discuss which one, in their best form, works better.

Apple offers various adapters that allow the Lightning connector to be used with other interfaces, such as 30-pin, USB, HDMI, VGA, and SD cards. And , sure, for the nerds as well, because we’d each have 2-5 family members pinging us constantly asking what the hell Apple had stuck on the ends of their cables. You can choose the Apple 20W USB C power adapter, buy a third-party USB C PD charger above 18W, or use the Apple USB C charger for MacBook Air/Pro or iPad you have on hand, like a 30W/61W/67W USB C wall charger, etc.


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