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In today’s modern age,everything is becoming easier and faster.USB Type-C,often known as USB-C,is quickly becoming the standard…their own proprietary connector cables but continue using USB data.The standard usb cables also have the same connector on each end so you needn’t wonder which end goes where.Color Code Your Project With Our Quality Made Patch Cables.Genuine OEM USB C Cable-USB TYPE C Manufacturer

USB-C-sometimes called USB Type C-is the latest and greatest version of the common USB(Universal Serial Bus)connector.USB C cables use a compact and reversible 24-pin connector that fits on smartphones,tablets,laptops,and computers of all operating systems-Android,ChromeOS,macOS,and Windows.The USB C is now being used from our mobile devices to laptops and desktop computers everywhere.

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USB C data cable recommended,Double-braided nylon exterior,toughened aramid fiber core and laser-welded connectors equip PowerLine+with superior toughness from end-to-end.Offers SuperSpeed transfer of 5 Gbps—transfer an HD movie in under 5 seconds.

As a result,USB-C is progressing toward faster-transferring data and the potential to provide more power to devices.It’s also directly related to a number of powerful new technologies,such as Thunderbolt&USB Power Delivery,which have the prospective to revolutionize how we think about our equipment and how we operate in the office,on the road,or at home.With different speeds comes different cables,and it can get a bit confusing.For the fastest data transfer possible,make sure the USB version of the cable at least matches the USB version of your device.

USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2 has enhanced power delivery with 100W,native A/V support, supports video displays up to 4K,backwards compatible,and has a data transfer rate of 10Gbps.

USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1 is what the first generation of devices being released will have. It’s similar to 3.0 SuperSpeed with the added bonuses of enhanced power delivery up to 100W, native A/V support,supports video displays up to 4K,backwards compatible and has a data transfer rate of 5Gbps.

The popularity of USB C is increasing day by day.Literally,every single electronic device now contains a USB C port.Apphone specializes in the production and development of various electronic data cables.The factory is affordable and supports customization.You can use it with confidence after purchase.If you have more knowledge or products you want to know,please contact us.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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